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Restoring Hope To The American Dream: Lunch With Dr. Carol Swain


WHEN: Mon. May 10th at 12:00PM

WHERE: First Baptist Church (Fellowship Hall) 2209 Lakeshore Dr, Birmingham

COST: $25.00 Seating Limited-RSVP Required

DETAILS: Dr. Swain is Coauthor of 1776 Report for The President’s Advisory Commission. “I believe our nation has been exceptional throughout the centuries, because of the wisdom and faith of the Founding Fathers. Their wisdom is found in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  If America is to survive as a nation, we must rediscover our roots and unite as one people.  We must recognize that multiculturalism and identity politics fuels division and divisiveness.  As the Bible says, a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Find out More about Dr Swain at www.CarolMSwain.com