The U.S. Constitution was given to us by brilliant men who sought God’s wisdom in the creation of our nation.  They came to this land for religious freedom.  The Constitution they left for us is not an evolving document, but one with timeless truths.  We oppose any Constitutional Convention designed to change it.

We believe that any rewrite of the Alabama Constitution by means of a constitutional convention jeopardizes every individual right now upheld in this state.  Alabama’s citizens enjoy stronger protection of our liberty under our state constitution than under the U.S. Constitution.  Those rights are at risk if special interest groups are allowed to start anew.  The Alabama Constitution has been recompiled article by article.  We supported that method.  The following must always be protected in our Constitution:

  • Balanced budget requirements that allow no deficit spending
  • A ban on increase of property or income taxes without a referendum of the people
  • Religious liberty protections
  • A ban on the expansion of gambling in the state.