The Fate of ALL Public Schooled Students Was Just Sealed by Five State School Board Members


For Immediate Release December 12, 2019
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The Fate of ALL Public Schooled Students Was Just
Sealed by Five State School Board Members

Today the Alabama State Board of Education voted to approve the 2019 Math Course of Study which all Alabama public schooled students will be required to use for the next six years.

Eagle Forum of Alabama prepared a side-by-side comparison* between the “new” 2019 Alabama Math Standards and the Common Core State Standards, and it shows they are almost identical. With few exceptions the standards not only use the exact wording or phrasing from Common Core, but in almost all cases they are in the same exact order as the Common Core! Besides an added experimental geometry/Data Analysis course in high school which has never been tested or proven, there are very few other significant changes to those standards. Alabama had NO input into the CC standards before adopting them along with 40 other states. Since their adoption Alabama has fallen to the bottom on NAEP scores, and America has declined dramatically in math achievement compared to other developed nations.

President, Eunie Smith said, “We commend those 3 elected board members – Jackie Zeigler, Stephanie Bell and Wayne Reynolds – who wisely voted to stop CC Math and wanted to replace it with classic math that works. They actually listened to the people of Alabama and voted with them in mind.”

Eagle Forum Executive Director Becky Gerritson explained, “Each board member had a printed version of our side-by-side comparison in front of them as they voted. They could see for themselves the undeniable fact that the proposed Alabama Standards ARE still Common Core. Governor Ivey, Cynthia McCarty, Traci West, Jeff Newman, and Yvette Richardson voted to continue Common Core. It feels like a slap in the face to all those parents and teachers who comprise the majority of Alabama and who want proven, classic math standards.”

The vote today shows that Alabamians cannot turn appointment of the school board over to the Governor (via Amendment One) and expect to get rid of Common Core because the Governor voted for CC Math today. This vote to continue CC Math for another 6 years is a vote to continue failure. We must do better for our students and our state.

*The comparisons can be seen at

“New” AL Math Standards ARE Common Core! Vote is Dec 12th-We Need More “NO” Votes

URGENT: We need the AL State School Board and Gov Ivey to vote “NO” on the “New” AL Math Standards because they are Common Core! See for yourself. The vote is Thursday, Dec. 12th. WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH VOTES TO KILL IT YET. WE NEED YOU to contact Gov Ivey and your school board member now. Find out details in this less than 2 minute clip. PLEASE SHARE! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Side by Side K-8 Math Standards Course of Study Comparison

Eagle Forum of Alabama’s position on the teaching of origins in Alabama public schools

Eagle Forum has not and does not object to the teaching of evolution. To the contrary, Eagle Forum advocates that students be correctly taught about origins. For example, good education requires defining terms: “evolution” — i.e., microevolution (observable changes within a species) and macroevolution (changes from one species into another).
In order to stimulate inquiry, Eagle Forum also advocates that students be informed of current scientific problems with Darwinian evolution, rather than its being taught as undisputed fact.

Joan Kendall, Eagle Forum of Alabama Science Education Chairman

Teaching of origins has always been controversial since the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Eagle Forum’s position is that:

• Origins in public schools must be presented in a way that helps students HOW to think scientifically rather than WHAT to think about science.
• Good science teaching presents the content of scientific theories as well as any unanswered questions and problems with scientific theories; and it challenges students to think creatively about how to improve and even what would be required to replace one.
• Good science instructors must teach that a theory should always conform to the data and not be imposed upon the data.
• The ultimate goal is to produce students who will understand the nature of science and be able to contribute to its advancement.

Norris Anderson, Science Consultant to Eagle Forum of Alabama, and former biology teacher and textbook writer for major publisher

“Abandon This Approach.” Mathematician-Dr. Milgram’s Review of 9-12 Grade AL “New” Math Standards)

Dr. James Milgram,  (bio below) reviewed the new proposed 2019 AL Math Standards for 9-12 grade.  Read his scathing review here:

BIO: R. J. Milgram is emeritus professor of mathematics at Stanford University. He has served on the board of directors for the National Institute for Education Sciences, the NASA Advisory Council, and the Achieve Mathematics Advisory Panel. He was the sole expert in mathematics itself among the original members of the Common Core Validation Committee. From 2002 to 2005, Professor Milgram headed a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education that identified and described the key mathematics that K-8 teachers need to know. He also helped to direct a project partially funded by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation that evaluated state mathematics assessments. He was one of the four main authors of the 1997 – 2010 California Mathematics Standards, as well as one of the two main authors of the California Mathematics Framework. He was also one of the main advisors for the mathematics standards previous to Common Core in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts , Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Texas. Among many other honors, he held the Gauss Professorship at the University of Goettingen, the Regent’s Professorship at the University of New Mexico, and Distinguished Visiting Professorships at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and at the University of Lille. R. J. Milgram has published over 100 research papers in mathematics and four books, as well as serving as an editor of many others. He currently works on questions in robotics and protein folding. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the
University of Minnesota.

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Side by Side Comparison of AL Math Standards vs Common Core for Grades: K-5, 6-8, 9-12


Grades K-5 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by Danny Hubbard and J.R. Wilson:

Grades 6-8 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by Danny Hubbard:

Grades 9-12 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by J.R. Wilson.  The Math Course of Study added a new experimental class called Geometry with Data Analysis that has never been proven or tested that we believe will be a complete disaster.  Other than that there are few changes to the Common Core.

VERSION WITH NO-HIGHLIGHTING: Side by Side comparison math K thru 8

Side-by-Side Comparisons: 2019 “New” AL Math Standards vs Common Core State Standards

We have prepared several side-by-side comparisons of the “new” proposed 2019 AL Math Standards (K-8) vs Common Core.  Use the links below.

We used highlighting Keys are located either at the top or bottom of each document.   It’s easy to see that the “new” standards aren’t new at all.  They are the same old failed Common Core standards that hurled Alabama to dead last in the United States’ math rankings. 

K-5 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by Danny Hubbard and J.R. Wilson:

6-8 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by Danny Hubbard:

9-12 Side-by-Side Comparison with Highlighting by J.R. Wilson.  The Math Course of Study added a new experimental class called Geometry with Data Analysis that has never been proven or tested that we believe will be a complete disaster.  Other than that there are few changes to the Common Core.

The vote is planned for Dec. 12th 2019.  Contact your Alabama State School Board member today and ask them to vote “NO” on the proposed 2019 AL Math Standards.  Ask them to adopt proven non Common Core, classic Math Standards to enable all students to succeed.


Don’t Be Fooled – The Proposed “New” AL Math Standards Are the Same Old Common Core

Don’t Be Fooled – The Proposed “New” AL Math Standards  Are The Same Old Common Core

Co-authored by: Becky Gerritson, Theodor Rebarber and J.R. Wilson


On December 12th the Alabama State School Board is scheduled to vote on revised “new” math standards. We are all acutely aware of how Common Core math standards have failed us. The recently released math scores showed Alabama at dead last.


The Alabama Math Course of Study Committee has come up with their final version of “new” standards. They say that these standards are not Common Core. We prepared a side-by-side comparison of the new 2019 Alabama proposed standards versus Common Core State Standards.  We randomly used second grade as our sample.  It’s easy to see these “new” standards are most definitely the same failed Common Core Standards. In many areas it’s word-for-word the same. The highlighted areas indicate identical wording or insignificant word changes to identical standards. See color key at the bottom of the comparison.


The foundation for all math is learned in the early elementary grades. Math builds upon itself so if you don’t learn it well in the lower grades you will continue to have trouble moving on to higher math. Those who learned math before Common Core probably remember learning to add and subtract with the standard algorithm of carrying and borrowing numbers. When Common Core came along that became the least used strategy. The focus became using non-standard algorithms to add, subtract and multiply that used drawing pictures and grouping numbers in obscure and abstract ways – so obscure and abstract that even parents with college degrees had trouble helping their kids with homework. Many young students have become frustrated and now “hate” math. Delaying the standard algorithms has set us back several grade levels and two years behind top performing countries.

Further, the proposed 2019 AL standards don’t require that students memorize math facts for numbers up to 20. Instead they list “counting on” and other non-standard techniques as different ways of demonstrating fluency with math facts. So, despite including the words “math facts,” the proposed standards don’t really treat the answers as “facts” but as answers that students never really have to know by heart.

The lack of memorization in the proposed Alabama standards leads to stories like the following.   An 8th grade student asks his dad for help with algebra homework. The dad looks at the problem and says to start with the first part of the equation and asks his son, “What is 6×3?”. The son says, “Give me paper and a pencil and I can figure it out.” No wonder our test scores have gone down! There must be proficiency (or memorization) of these facts if one is to move on to higher math successfully.

The proposed “new” 2019 AL standards, as do Common Core, reflect the belief that memorization of math facts and computational fluency with the standard algorithms starting at the early elementary grades is somehow unnecessary for students. (See our comments on how this differs from top-performing countries.) The only thing these misguided approaches in the proposed “new” standards accomplish are frustrated or apathetic students and more parents having to pay for tutoring.


Common Core Standards are a failure, and these almost identical standards will be too. We must scrap what doesn’t work and start with standards that are tested and proven and that completely remove the failed (pedagogy) teaching methodology. Don’t take our word for it. Compare the “new” 2019 AL math standards (K-6) to the failed Common Core; besides some reformatting and rewording there is little difference. The vote is expected for December 12th.   Contact your school board member and the Governor today and ask them to vote “NO” on the proposed 2019 Alabama Math Standards. Ask them to adopt proven non common core, classic math standards to enable all students to succeed.



What is a Veteran?


By: Theresa Hubbard, Commander (USCG ret.), Eagle Forum Anti-Terrorism Chairman and serves on the Eagle Forum of Alabama’s board

November 8, 2019

Just who and what is a Veteran? A Veteran is the neighbor down the street, the school bus driver, the golf car repairman, the guy who drives the garbage truck, the entrepreneur who runs the patriotic T-Shirt company, one who started the coffee company for deployed troops, the CEO, the doctor, the lawyer, and the nurse. A Veteran could be standing next to you waiting, at the light of a busy intersection, to cross the street. Most of the time they look just like you or me, but they carry a load of memories with scars seen and unseen.   Sometimes they don’t look like us because they have lost an arm, a leg, or both or all. You will see them with the amazing prosthetics made today, or you’ll see them in the wheelchair with their scars from the Middle East, Vietnam, Korea, or the continent of Europe. Some are young and still in their 20’s others are aging in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

The Veteran is the man who went off to the South Pacific in WWII with his fellow Marines. He left home a handsome young 19-year-old and came home a white-haired man of 21. Rarely did he talk about the island hopping that he did, and the intense fighting done day to day to survive. The raising of the flag on Iwo Jima was 2 minutes in days filled of living in hell. Few know of the hero who came home an old man of 21.

The Veteran is the young woman who joined the Army became a MP, then went to Afghanistan to do her duty. After serval months of routine duty, the day came when returning back to base the Humvee she was in hit an IED. Tangled, mangled and confused she was medevaced out along with the others in the vehicle and before she knew it, her duty to country was done. Luckily, no one was killed that day. Back in the states and out of the Army she became a preschool teacher. Few know of the hero who now teaches young children.

The Veteran is the 90-year-old who after serving 26 years, went to get his benefits from the VA and was told his military record had been destroyed in a fire and his TDY records of his time in Korea and Vietnam no longer existed. There was no proof of his service to his country. Now when he needs his country the most, he is obligated to prove his service to the country. For him it was like being punched in the stomach. Few know of the hero who was told you were never in combat.

The Veteran is the man who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, he survived IED’s, RPG’s, and homicide bombings, lost friends, and spilled blood in a land that is harsh, brutal, unforgiving and tribal. Yet he fights on, continues to serve, but now he drinks too much, is short tempered, on the verge of losing his family and he knows not where to turn for help. He wonders what it is all for, but then realizes that is above his paygrade, and continues to serve. Few know of the hero who is just trying to survive with his demons from one day to the next.

The Veteran is the one who served on missions, secretly going after those who would do America harm. These are stories we will rarely hear about because of their classification. Often times they leave home with no notice and cannot call home because of the secrecy behind what they are doing. When it all goes down, however, family members knowing their loved one is deployed, and hearing nothing from them and now a big mission hits the headlines. Hummmmm, they wonder????? Few know of the hero who went on those special, highly classified missions and returned home the quiet, humble solider.

The Veteran is part of a crew who goes into the night by helicopter, C-130, Cutter, or boat when a fishing vessel, small boat, ship or downed aircraft is in distress. He goes when no one else will. On one rescue in he was responsible for saving the lives of four M/V crewmembers who had gone aground near a rugged coastline, next to cliffs, in a blinding snowstorm, with 40 knot winds. It was his responsibility to read the radar, direct the pilot on where to hover so they didn’t hit the nearby cliffs, to lower the hoist and time the waves in order to get those off the vessel below. This is just one of numerous rescues he was on, going into the water on 4 different occasions, long before there was a rate or training provided, it was a judgement call in those days. At one point a fellow crewmember put him in for the “Distinguished Flying Cross” when he participated in another bad weather mission but was told it was denied because he was “just doing his job.” In 27 ½ years of service he had one personal award to show for the numerous lives he aided in saving. Few know of the hero of the 1960’s who helped saved so many lives under the worst of weather conditions.

The Veteran is the one who lost her arm and leg from an IED, has come back from the abyss and has adjusted to the prosthetic arm and leg she needs to get around, and now has a job. Yet she is self-conscious about her broken and scarred body and wonders late at night if she will ever find someone who will love her for her and if she will ever know the joy of having a family. Few know of the hero who fears never having a family.

The Veteran is the one who lost everything, faith, family, friends, and home, he lost it all. Then through some miracle came back, got the help he needed and saw the need for helping other Veterans and their families. So, he and a group of fellow Vets got together and started a non-profit for the battle scarred Veteran and his or her family. So often we think about what our Veterans are going through and forget about the spouses and the children who so love and admire their Vet but find it difficult to deal with him or her. Often times it is only the Vets and their spouses who understand how hard it is to turn around the pain of war and it is only a fellow Vet they will turn to for help in piecing back the part of their lives so badly broken. Few know of the hero who is now trying to help save a fellow hero and put his or her life back together with their family intact.

The stories of our Veterans and what they go through are many. If you have one in your family write down their stories and the struggles they have had. It will help others in the family understand who they are and what they have been through. If you don’t have a Veteran in your family pray for them daily, for they need your prayers. Help where you can for these are just a few of their stories, there are many more out there, some good, some bad and some uplifting. Yet, I can tell you that all Vets have memories that were awe inspiring that gives credence to the term “Band of Brothers” and if asked “Would you do it all again?” The answer is always a resounding, “Yes!” On this Veterans Day, do as I do, remember those who have served and given so much of themselves for our freedoms in America. Thank you.