COVID Truths Doctors’ Forum

WHEN: Sun. Sept 19, from 2:30-5:00PM

WHERE: Marriott 3590 Grandview Pkwy, Birmingham

DETAILS: Buy your tickets now to attend this exciting event to learn from a team of experts regarding their experiences with successfully treating COVID-19.  They will discuss early and effective outpatient treatments, vaccine efficacy, mask and vaccine mandates and more.  This event is all about the science so make sure you are there to hear!  Your attendance will support these doctors willing to speak the truth and stand for our liberties.  Watch the 1 minute  promo here. 

“COVID Truths Doctors’ Forum” Sun. Sept 19th

WHEN: Sun. Sept 19, from 2:30-5:00PM

WHERE: Marriott 3590 Grandview Pkwy, Birmingham

DETAILS: Reserve your tickets now to attend this exciting event to learn from a team of experts regarding their experiences with successfully treating COVID-19.  They will discuss early and effective outpatient treatments, vaccine efficacy, mask and vaccine mandates and more.  This event is all about the science so make sure you are there to hear!  Your attendance will support these doctors willing to speak the truth and stand for our liberties.

Watch the 1 min Promo here.

AL Attorney General Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Healthcare Employer

It’s personal, private, confidential.

The AG has issued a press release warning ALL healthcare providers against unlawful use of the state immunization registry to identify employees’ vaccination status. He bases his decision on violations of ‘confidential use’ of the registry. Alabama State Board of Health previously issued rules that limit the permitted uses of the state immunization registry.

The AG acknowledges that healthcare employers are violating these limited uses for the purpose of identifying employees who are not in compliance with their vaccine mandate. AG Marshall states, “In several of those cases, a shared employer specifically acknowledged accessing the state immunization database for this purpose. This privacy violation is unlawful.”

AG Marshall has sent a formal cease and desist letter to a health care employer, and warned ALL other healthcare entities to heed this warning immediately! This will provide additional protection for employees who do not want to share their vaccine status with their employers. See additional information here.


Info For UAB Employees Facing “No Jab, No Job”



Under this Act, UAB may not mandate a vaccine because they cannot require anyone to publish or share their immunization records. UAB is not allowed to require anyone including faculty, students, vendors, trainees, or volunteers, to share their vaccination status.  Read details in PDF here.


EF Asks AL Gov and AG “Stop Vax Mandates Now”


For Immediate Release Aug 26, 2021

Eagle Forum is Asking for Immediate Action From AL Governor And Attorney General to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Alabama

This year, Gov Ivey signed SB267 into law. It protects Alabamians from having to prove vaccine status by state entities. Nor may Alabama citizens be denied goods or services based on immunization status. None the less, vaccine mandates are coming at Alabama health care workers as well as at private industry employees such as Tyson Chicken, AT&T, Delta Airlines, and others that could stifle people’s ability to provide for their families.

We believe that vaccine mandates are at the foundation un-Constitutional, and in violation of SB267, as well as our Alabama Constitution and certainly the spirit of our Health Care Workers Right of Conscience Act.

Alabama is not a gestapo state, nor is it a state wanting to usher in devastation of families or overwhelming unemployment – especially in the essential health care industry. We are the Bible belt, and we guard our faith and our families. Many Alabamians have consciously decided not to take the vaccine, as evidenced by our low vaccination rate. But if these mandates remain, many will lose their jobs. We should not have to choose between employment and violating our religious consciences, or sacrificing our physical health, or our unborn children’s health to possible vaccine side effects.

Consistent with the individual liberty granted by our Creator we are calling on Gov. Ivey to issue an executive order staying all of these mandates across Alabama from public and private entities.

We are also asking Attorney General Steve Marshall to take action to address the illegalities of state entities in violation of SB267 so they will ultimately stand down.

We could list many compelling arguments and statistics about vaccine ineffectiveness in preventing the Delta strain(1), vaccine harm(2 , natural immunity(3), medical contraindications or the fact that the media has misled people to believe the FDA approved the available Pfizer vaccine which they clearly didn’t.(4) (mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone explains FDA action here.) Yet, none of those arguments matters more than this; we as free human beings should never have something forced into our veins against our will.

These mandates have to be stopped, quickly and urgently.

Please call Governor Ivey 334 242-7100 and Attorney General Steve Marshall 334-242-7300 Ask them to stop Vax Mandates!




EF Discusses CRT Resolution on RIGHTSIDE RADIO

Listen Today @ 4:05PM RIGHTSIDE RADIO
EF’s General Counsel Will Discuss Resolution To Ban CRT Concepts. The Vote Is Tomorrow!

Click here to listen online.
If you are in North Alabama you can listen on AM 770 or FM 92.5.

At the July State School Board meeting, some members were boldly committed to addressing concerns with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the K-12 classroom. The Board was subsequently charged with developing a resolution to meet this growing statewide matter.

There are desperate parents all over this state who are looking to this board for a solution. They are seeking relief from the tenets of CRT that are already practiced in Alabama K-12 schoolrooms throughout the state. At the same time, there are teachers who say they are going to continue to teach CRT no matter the board’s instructions. The entire state needs clear united guidance from the State School Board. The board is considering a “non-discrimination” resolution which addresses the tenets of CRT. CLICK HERE: See the proposed resolution and the changes Eagle Forum has offered to clarify and strengthen it.


Rick and Bubba: “Do Masks & Lockdowns really work?” Interview With Dr. David Williams:

Rick and Bubba interviewed Dr. David Williams one of the members of Physicians For Alabamians (PFA). You can listen here.   Discussion includes preventive and outpatient treatments as possible alternatives to the COVID shots.

Doctors in PFA have successfully treated hundreds of COVID 19 patients with tremendous success with protocols that may include HCQ or Ivermectin.  PFA will soon be hosting an important online conference with any interested Alabama doctors to share how they have been effectively treating COVID.  If you want to invite your doctor to attend, please sign up for our emails here. 

 When it comes to COVID 19, ‘Do nothing’ is not an option! 

 View COVID 19 preventatives and info on HCQ and Ivermectin here:   Then hit “View Fullscreen” for a better view.

Alabama Attorney General Writes Guidance Letter On Vaccines

We applaud AG Steve Marshall for his guidance letter on vaccine passport requirements for Alabama residents.  He explains how the recently passed Alabama law  protects you from vaccine passports.

In a nutshell, AG Marshall states, “…no government, school, or business in Alabama may demand that a constituent, student, or customer, respectively, be vaccinated for COVID-19 or show proof of his or her vaccination for COVID-19. The law’s new protections are in addition to existing medical or religious-based exemptions from immunizations, as discussed more fully below.”   


AG Marshall states,  “This Office has received inquiries related to COVID-19 “vaccination doorknockers,” also known as “Community Health Ambassadors” in some states. While this does not appear to be occurring in Alabama, be advised that you are under no obligation to engage with or share any personal information—including your COVID-19 vaccination status—with anyone identifying as a health ambassador or government volunteer. Read full letter here. 

June Meetings!

Join us for these small group meetings across the state in June!  Also be sure to check our events page for July meetings.

WHEN: Saturday, June 5th @ 2:00PM
WHERE: Call 706-590-0918 for meeting location and to RSVP
TOPIC/SPEAKER: “The Great Reset”  Speaker: Rebekah Blocher
HOSTS: Nickie and Priscilla Greer EMAIL: [email protected]

WHEN: Monday, June 5th 10:00AM
WHERE: Call for location 334-452-0453
TOPIC/SPEAKER: “COVID” Presented by Becky Gerritson and Devotional message by Ann Allen Salter
HOSTS: Leigh Wiatt, Jennifer Epperson

WHEN: Tuesday, June 8th @ 1:00PM
WHERE: Call Barbara 334-718-2084 for meeting location and to RSVP
TOPIC/SPEAKER: The “1619 Project” presented by Barbara Moore and former state school board member Betty Peters
HOST: Sharman Ramsey and Barbara Moore


WHEN: Friday, June 11th @ 7:00PM
WHERE: Wiregrass Outdoors, 818 N Ouida St, Enterprise
TOPIC/SPEAKER: “Teen Eagle Info Meeting” Presented by Lori Herring.  You will learn about joining Eagle Forum of Alabama’s Wiregrass Student Eagle Chapter. Open to students from 13 to college age. You will hear about our programs, goals and about the amazing opportunity for upcoming leadership training. You will also hear about the Student Eagle Leadership Conference which is from July 30th – August 1st in Nashville.

HOST:  SA Liberty/Clint Grantham


WHEN: Monday, June 14th @ 10:00-11:30PM
WHERE: Hoover City Hall Community Room, 100 Municipal Dr, Hoover
TOPIC/SPEAKER: “Critical Race Theory Overview” Speaker: Becky Gerritson
HOST: Stephanie Smith


WHEN: Tuesday, June 15th @ 6:00PM
WHERE: Call 205-238-9058 for meeting location and to RSVP
TOPIC/SPEAKER: “Critical Race Theory Overview” Speaker: Becky Gerritson
HOST: [email protected]


WHEN: Thursday, June 24th, 6pm
WHERE: ServPro office-8450 Al Hwy 157, Cullman AL
TOPIC: “The Great Reset” Speaker-Rebekah Blocher
HOSTS: Greg and Angelia Hendon-Chapter Hosts [email protected], [email protected]


WHEN: Monday. June 28th 6:30Pm-8:00PM
WHERE: Bethel Worship Center, 11117 Highway 231, Wetumpka
TOPIC: “The Great Reset” (Speaker-Rebekah Blocher)
HOST: Becky Gerritson [email protected]