Eagle Forum Honors Alabama’s First Lady With Full-time Homemaker of the Year Award

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Eagle Forum Honors Alabama’s First Lady With Fulltime Homemaker of the Year Award

On Tuesday night, October 13, 2009 Eagle Forum of Alabama honored Mrs. Patsy Riley, wife of Governor Bob Riley, with the Eagle Forum Fulltime Homemaker of the Year Award.  This award is presented annually to a fulltime homemaker who raised her family on a single income earned by her husband in the traditional family pattern.  Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly was in town to present the award. “Eagle Forum is proud to have the chance to honor Mrs. Patsy Riley. She is exactly the type of wife and mother who is the mainstay of the family and the hope of America’s future,” said Mrs. Schlafly.

The event took place the home of Judge Mark and Jean Anderson on Myrtlewood Drive in Montgomery, AL.  Hosting the event were: The Honorable Spencer Bachus, Sen. and Mrs. Richard Shelby, Mr. and Mrs. Tim James, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Hill, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Holding, The Honorable Kay Ivey, Rep. and Mrs. Jay Love , Mr. and Mrs. Richard Madison, Judge and Mrs. James Allen Main, Mrs. Martha Roby, Mr. and Mrs. J. Streeter Wiatt, Jr., Judge and Mrs. Reese McKinney, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ficken, Judge and Mrs. Phillip W. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. John Bell (Stephanie), Mr. and Mrs. Dick Brewbaker, Mrs. Carol Brewbaker, Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Cavanaugh (Twinkle), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters, Sen. and Mrs. Jeff Sessions, Cong. and Mrs. Mike Rogers, and Judge Kelli Wise.


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Huntsville Times: ‘Obama Is Uniting GOP,’ Schlafly Says

The Huntsville Times reports on an Eagle Forum of Alabama fundraiser with Phyllis Schlafly:

‘Obama Is Uniting GOP,’ Schlafly Says

“I hope it’s going to be like 1994, when we had the biggest Republican victory of our time,” said Schlafly.

Schlafly spoke at The Ledges before a fundraiser for Eagle Forum, a conservative, pro-family group Schlafly founded in 1972.

Without mentioning the Alabama races specifically, Schlafly said two congressional districts in the state could be captured by Republicans. The GOP has criticized freshmen U.S. Reps. Parker Griffith, D-Huntsville, and Bobby Bright, D-Montgomery, since their close wins last year.

Schlafly said conservatives are emboldened by policies of President Barack Obama. She criticized federal spending and Obama’s push to include a public insurance option to health care reform.

For full article, click here.

Energy Legislation Will Hurt, Not Help Alabama Families

In an op-ed for the Birmingham News, Executive Director Brooklyn Roberts discusses the negative implications of cap and trade for Alabama families:

Energy Legislation Will Hurt, Not Help Alabama Families

Alabama families should expect to fork out an extra $125 per month if lawmakers in Washington have their way and pass what’s called the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

This bill, which barely made it through the U.S. House of Representatives late last month, will likely be voted on by the Senate before the end of this one.

The legislation, known as ACES, gambles with the future of our country’s energy availability by imposing unrealistic, renewable energy mandates on energy producers and requiring those producers who cannot meet government mandates to pay for carbon credits. Referred to as “cap and trade,” the bill is definitely no ace-in-the-hole for Alabama.  Read More…

Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum of Alabama In The Birmingham News

Birmingham News coverage of Phyllis Schlafly’s speech to the Birmingham Kiwanis Club:

GOP Activist Phyllis Schlafly Speaking in Birmingham Warns of Democrats Stealing the Election

At 84, conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly hasn’t softened her political edge.

Speaking to the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham Tuesday, Schlafly, the founder of Eagle Forum, recounted her career in political activism beginning with a Republican convention that nominated Barry Goldwater, through the battle against the Equal Rights Amendment, to this year’s Republican convention, the 15th she’d attended.

Schlafly said the organization, formed in opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, was an inspiration for the host of conservative groups that followed.

“We invented the pro-family movement,” she said.  Read More…

Eagle Forum Speaks Out On Immigration

From the Mobile Press-Register:

Immigration Bill Badly Needed

It’s disappointing that the Alabama Legislature failed to act on the last day of the session to address the growing problem of illegal immigration in the state.

The failure is particularly poignant in places like Albertville, a town that the U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2006 had a legal population of just over 19,000, and which now is home to an estimated 40,000-member-strong illegal population.

For this once-Mayberryesque community, illegal immigration is not just a mild annoyance. It is taking over Albertville residents’ lives and the lives of others in cities and towns across Alabama.

Folks here understand all too well the looming immigration problem. They have seen their communities change drastically over the last few years.

The Alabama Legislature’s failure to take action is distressing, but it’s not for lack of effort. Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, introduced one of the most constructive immigration bills offered this session.  Read more…

Op-ed in Huntsville Times: Alabama A Leader In Energy

Executive Director Brooklyn Roberts’ opinion piece from the Huntsville Times:

Unbeknownst to many, Alabama leads in developing alternative forms of energy and is positioning itself for an independent energy future. From creative alternative energy methods to nuclear power to drilling, Alabama is putting in motion the steps necessary for energy prosperity.

Consider the state’s advances on the alternative energy front. Gulf Coast Energy’s Livingston-based plant converts wood-waste and other biomass into ethanol or other carbon-based fuels. PetroSun, Inc., plans to expand into Alabama this year with its algae-to-algae oil alternative fuel production, and Amyris Technologies has met with Alabama officials about the potential use of sugar cane to convert to jet fuel.  Read full article…