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Attend Hearing to Stop Common Core


CONFERENCE To Stop Common Core Tragedy in Alabama

SB190 (Sen. Brewbaker) and HB254 (Rep. Barton) to return local control of education

• repeal adoption of Common Core

• protect family privacy & prohibit state bodies from compiling/sharing non-acedemic, “personal” data

• prohibit the State Board of Education from ceding control over education to any entity outside AL

1.  Ask your Senator and Representative to:

“Please support SB190, Sen. Dick Brewbaker’s bill to repeal Common Core.”  “Please

 support HB254, Rep. Jim Barton’s bill to repeal Common Core.”

2.  Call House Speaker Hubbard (HB254) 334-242-7739 & Senate President Pro-tem Marsh

(SB190) 334-242-7877.

3.  Come to Montgomery to hear former Texas Commissioner of Education Robert

 Scott and others testify in support of these bills at two events on Wednesday, 2/27.

1:00 PM Press Conference (steps of Statehouse)

3:00 – 4:00 PM Hearing Star Wars Room 8th floor Statehouse

“These standards make every child a cog in a machine.  There is nothing exceptional about this great nation when you make everybody the same [“common”, ordinary], when you don’t expect greatness from everyone… Let’s see how high individual determination can take our children and not have the tragedy of Common Core.”  Commissioner Robert Scott

The states of Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska and Minnesota never succumbed to federal government incentives to adopt Common Core.  Legislators in at least 14 states are considering withdrawing from Common Core standards, an “Uncommonly Bad Idea” according to Jane Robbins who will also testify Wednesday.  She says, “Simply put, the Common Core is designed to replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control.  The purpose is to train students for jobs, not educate them to be full, thoughtful citizens in our democratic republic.”

States lose control of what students are taught and how they are tested.  In Alabama, 19 senators have agreed to cosponsor the Brewbaker bill (SB190) to repeal adoption of these national standards.  They are privately owned and CC states agree to implementation of every CC standard, as has begun in Alabama.  Alabama Math and English Language Arts 2010 Courses of study indicate that Alabama added state specific content of only about 2.5% (ELA) and 14% (Math).  CC standards are unproven.  Assertions that they are more rigorous than Alabama’s prior standards are incorrect according to Fordham Foundation, which ranked Alabama ELA #11 in the nation and Math “too close to call” compared with CC prior to CC adoption.  Curriculum choices must be driven by these state adopted Common Core Standards.

Although CC currently incorporates social studies and science as informational text in English Language Arts, national standards in science and social studies are also being circulated.  Improvements were already being made in AL schools.  Excellence in education for Alabama students is inhibited, and indoctrination objectionable to parents is inevitable by continuing with Common Core.

For more information see Alabamians United for Excellence in Education at www.auee.org or alabamaeagle.org.



A Summary of the Legislative Session So Far: What Has Passed and What To Look For

The Alabama Legislature has had an extremely productive legislative session so far.  Without gambling stopping things up, they have been able to pass much-needed reforms.  Below we’ve put together an overview of what they have passed so far and what is ahead.  The legislature has taken a two week break to do redistricting, and will be back in regular session on Tuesday, May 24.

What They’ve Already Passed

HB57– Rep. Greg Canfield’s Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act: changes the budgeting process for the Education Trust Fund to cap spending at a 15-year rolling average.  This legislation will be key to helping to avoid proration in the future. (For more information on this bill and why it’s necessary, click here) Eagle Forum recommends: Y

SB72– Sen. Del Marsh’s legislation to eliminate the state’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan, commonly called DROP.  The ALGOP has a great fact sheet on DROP and why it needed to be eliminated here, and the Alabama Policy Institute has a comprehensive study of the program here. Eagle Forum recommends: Y

HB61– Rep. April Weaver’s legislation to allow businesses to deduct 100% of the amount they pay in health insurance premiums on their state income tax.  Eagle Forum recommends: Y

SB133– General Fund Budget for the next fiscal year.  Because the House and Senate did not pass identical versions of the budget, it has now gone to conference committee.

*Note:  This list is not comprehensive of everything they have passed during this session.

What To Look For In The Last Week of the 2011 Session

Likely to Pass:

SB310– Sen. Trip Pittman’s Teacher Tenure Law and Fair Dismissal Act (For more info on the issue of tenure reform and why it is needed, click here)  Eagle Forum recommends: Y

HB123– Education Trust Fund Budget for the next fiscal year

HB64– Rep. Kurt Wallace’s  amendment to the Alabama Constitution protecting the right to a secret ballot in employee representation  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB427– Rep. Paul DeMarco’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Click here for more info) Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB58– Rep. Mike Ball’s legislation to require  public officials/candidates and spouses of public officials/candidates to disclose if they are employed by the state or federal government or have a contract with the state or federal government.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB60– Rep. Blaine Galliher’s legislation to opt out of Obamacare  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB19– Rep. Kerry Rich’s legislation to amend the Alabama Constitution to require voters to provide a valid photo ID in order to vote  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB56/SB256– Sen. Scott Beason and Rep. Micky Hammon’s legislation to address the problem of illegal immigration.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB25– Rep. Paul DeMarco’s Fiscal Transparency Legislation requiring the State Finance Department to produce monthly financial reports for the General Fund and the Education Trust Fund, and to publish them in a prominent place on the department’s website.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

In addition to the above, there are several pieces of pro-life legislation that are expected to move in the remaining days of the session including:

HB8– Rep. Wes Long’s legislation to  amends the definition of “child” to include the unborn.  It also creates a rebuttable presumption of exposing a child in utero to a controlled substance if both the mother and the child test positive for the same controlled substance not prescribed by a physician.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

SB46– Sen. Cam Ward’s Health Care Rights of Conscience Act to give health care providers, institutions and payers the right to decline to perform services that violate their conscience.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

SB201– Sen. Greg Reed’s legislation to prohibit Alabama health insurance coverage of elective abortions except through a premium paid by an optional rider.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

SB202– Sen. Greg Reed’s bill to opt Alabama out of federal abortion insurance coverage per the terms of the Obamacare legislation.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB18– Rep. Kerry Rich’s legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks, the threshold when the unborn child can feel pain.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

Watch Out For

HB365– Rep. Jamie Ison’s legislation to require retailers to notify consumers of their duty to pay a sales/use tax on items purchased over the internet, and keep records of consumer purchases.  Eagle Forum recommends:  N

What Is Unlikely To Pass This Year:

SB196– Sen. Paul Bussman’s Shared Parenting Legislation which would have changed the custodial presumption in child custody cases from 80%/20% to 50%/50%.  Eagle Forum recommends:  Y

HB6– Rep. John Merrill’s legislation to lower the mandatory school age from 7 to 6 years of age.  Eagle Forum recommends:  N

**Don’t Forget, you can find your legislator and see how he/she has voted here.**

Alabama House Votes To Lower The Mandatory School Start Date

Today, the Alabama House voted to pass Rep. John Merrill’s HB6 to lower the mandatory state date for school from 7 to 6 years of age.  Eagle Forum strongly opposes this legislation because we believe parents should retain the right to decide when their child is ready to start school.  Unfortunately, the legislation passed by a vote of 58-30.  We appreciate those legislators who stood up for the rights of Alabama parents and argued against this bill.  To find out how your legislator voted, click here and search for your legislator by name, address, or district.

The bill will now move to the Senate Education Committee.

Coming Up This Week In The Alabama Legislature

On the Senate side…

In Committee:

SB196–Sen. Paul Bussman’s Shared Parenting bill:  Changes the custodial presumption in child custody cases from 80%/20% to 50%/50%

HB58–Rep. Mike Ball’s Ethics Disclosure Requirements:  Requires public officials/candidates and spouses of public officials/candidates to disclose if they are employed by the state or federal government or have a contract with the state or federal government.

HB64–Rep. Kurt Wallace’s Secret Ballot Protection Act:  Constitutional amendment protecting the right to a secret ballot in employee representation.

SB46–Sen. Cam Ward’s Health Care Rights of Conscience Act:  This legislation will provide a conscience exception for health care providers and pharmacists who believe in the sanctity of life and choose not to perform procedures or provide medication that do not comply with that belief.

SB310–Sen. Trip Pittman’s Teacher Tenure Law and Fair Dismissal Act:  Reforms the state’s tenure system for teachers in order to improve the quality of education in Alabama.

On the floor:

SB301–Rep. Phil Williams’ pro-life legislation:  Redefines person to include all humans from the moment of fertilization.

SB172–Sen. Del Marsh’s legislation to prohibit the use of gas chambers when euthanizing cats or dogs.

SB112–Sen. Arthur Orr’s legislation to remove racist language from the Alabama Constitution of 1901.

SB256–Sen. Scott Beason’s Immigration Reform Legislation–reforming the state immigration laws to provide for enforcement of federal immigration laws.

On the House side…

In Committee:

HB98–Rep. Kerry Rich and Rep. Wayne Johnson’s legislation to impose term limits on legislators in Alabama:  Limits to three consecutive full terms in the House and/or Senate.

HB206–Rep. Jack Williams’ legislation to increase the distance campaign materials and candidates can be to a polling location to 300 ft.

HB427–Rep. Paul DeMarco’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights:  This legislation will, among other things, amend the Alabama Taxpayer Bill of Rights to conform to the federal Taxpayer Bill of Rights including certain aspects like an “innocent spouse” defense.  It will also increase the time period in which a taxpayer has to file an appeal of a preliminary or final assessment.

HB193–Rep. Mike Jones’ legislation to prohibit lawsuits against restaurants for obesity or weight gain.

On the floor:

HB123–Rep. Jay Love: Education Budget for fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2012

Get Your 2011 Legislative Directory

Make at least a $25 contribution to Eagle Forum, and you’ll receive a free copy of our 2011 Legislative Directory.  It is a complete directory of the Alabama State Legislature sized to fit in your pocket or purse.

**If you would like to purchase directories outright, call 205-879-7096 for more information.

Obamacare Opt Out Fails In Alabama House

The Alabama House of Representatives took up legislation this afternoon that would have preserved the freedom of Alabama citizens to make decisions about and provide for their own health care regardless of federal mandates. Sponsored by Rep. Blaine Galliher, HB60 failed by a vote of 59-28.

8 Republicans voted “P”.  P indicates that they did not vote or were not present.  You can find out if your legislator was one of them by clicking here.  Update:  I’m told several of the Republicans who voted “P” were not present for this scheduled vote.

Another Update:  According to ALISON, Rep. Bill Roberts and Rep. Howard Sanderford intended to vote Yes.

**Rep. Owen Drake is listed as “P” because he was not present for the vote.  He is currently in the hospital in Birmingham.