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Republican Senators, Representatives Ask State Board of Education To Rescind Adoption Of Common Core Standards

13 senators and 8 representatives recently wrote to Governor Bentley and the State Board of Education to ask them to revoke adoption of the Common Core Standards Initiative and refuse any monies tied to a national curriculum.

We would like to thank Senators Gerald Allen, Scott Beason, Dick Brewbaker, Paul Bussman, Rusty Glover, Bill Holtzclaw, Del Marsh, Arthur Orr, Greg Reed, Clay Scofield, Cam Ward, Jabo Waggoner and Ted Whatley as well as Representatives Jim Carns, Ed Henry, Ron Johnson, Wes Long, Mary Sue McClurkin, Barry Moore, Kerry Rich and Mark Tuggle for standing up for local control of education.  For more information about why the Common Core Standards Initiative is problematic, click here.

Rep. Martha Roby: Control Schools Locally

Representative Martha Roby had an excellent editorial in Saturday’s Montgomery Advertiser on the importance of local control of education.  She hit the nail right on the head:

As a mother of a child in public school, I know local teachers are best suited to teach local students, and that dedicated local principals — empowered by student-centric policies and supported by parents — have the most potential to run innovative and effective schools.

This is one of the biggest reasons Eagle Forum of Alabama has opposed the Common Core Standards Initiative. It takes that local control away and gives it to unelected bureaucrats who have no incentive to listen to parents. As Representative Roby points out:

Never allowing a crisis to go to waste, the Obama Administration is seizing on broad dissatisfaction with the No Child Left Behind law to advance a “Washington-knows-best” education agenda. The administration seeks to impose uniform federal regulations — developed by unelected, unaccountable officials at the Department of Education — on our local schools. These initiatives transfer authority away from local school officials, increase federal power, and place even more strings on federal funding.

Unfortunately, Alabama’s State Board of Education has already voted to adopt the Common Core Standards.  But the Board can still change that by voting to rescind our adoption of the standards.

Please keep calling your State Board of Education member and ask them to rescind our participation in the Common Core Standards Initiative.  You can find their contact information here.