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Patent legislation passed by US House will inhibit innovation

Patent legislation that passed the House will inhibit innovation
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on May 12, 2014 at 10:44 AM, updated May 12, 2014 at 10:46 AM
By Eunie Smith
Patent legislation pending in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee can hit close to home.  I am aware of a father with young children who is under treatment for a very rare form of cancer. He is on a drug that retards growth of his tumors.  It was only FDA approved two years ago.  Once that drug’s effectiveness stops, what is next?  Where is the cure?  Cancer research must continue unabated. Legislation that harms the ability of companies to profit from their products inhibits their ability to invest in further research that can lead to more successful treatment.  In this and countless cases, the issue is saved lives!
If Congress weakens Constitutionally-based patent protections, then harm will come not just to research and development in the health care industry but also in manufacturing and technology industries which are prominent in Alabama.  Small businesses, the engine of Alabama’s economy, will no longer have protections that enable their very existence. …

Candidate Questionnaires Ready for Review

Candidate Questionnaires Ready for Review

Recently, Eagle Forum of Alabama sent questionnaires to candidates for the following offices:

U.S. Congress District 6
Lieutenant Governor
Public Service Commission
Secretary of State
State Auditor
State House
State Senate
State Treasurer
State Board of Education

Those questionnaires that were completed and returned are now available for review on our website under the Resources tab.  We hope these responses will be beneficial in helping you make informed choices in the upcoming primary elections on June 3rd.


Revisionist History, Smut in AL Common Core Text

Eagle Forum researchers have just learned that the highly objectionable Alabama Common Core aligned textbook which was the subject of critical testimony at a recent senate hearing is in use in 43 Alabama school systems.  Check here to see if your students are being subjected to the Prentice Hall/Pearson Literature book entitled The American Experience: 1900 to present; Alabama Common Core Edition. Becky Gerritson summarized objections to the book in her 5 minute testimony on March 11.  Watch the video to see that she was stopped after reading only one sentence of the graphic, sexually explicit language.  See actual pages from the book here.Especially if the The American Experience is in your child’s school, you may want to read Dr. Terrence Moore’s chapter-long review in his book, The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core.  On the textbook’s anti-American message regarding World War II, Dr. Moore writes, “There is no reading in the chapter ostensibly devoted to World War II that tells why America entered the war. There is no document on Pearl Harbor or the Rape of Nanking or the atrocities committed against the Jews or the bombing of Britain. The book contains no speech of Winston Churchill or F.D.R. even though the reading of high-caliber ‘informational texts’ is the new priority set by the Common Core, and great rhetoric has always been the province of an English class. There is not a single account of a battle or of American losses or of the liberation of Europe. … Do we want the memory of our grandparents to be left in the hands of progressive ideologues … Do we want the children just now entering school and in the years to come—who may have never met their great-grandparents—to be made ashamed of that Greatest Generation, of America, and of our resolution to remain free?”http://townhall.com/columnists/terrencemoore/2013/12/02/a-textbook-that-should-live-in-infamy-the-common-core-assaults-world-war-ii-n1756036/print

Freedom is not free: it has to be earned by each succeeding generation. It can be lost in one. Revisionist history such as contained in this common core literature book will not motivate future generations to sustain the freedom for which their forefathers selflessly fought and died!

Becky Gerritson’s Testimony on SB443 
AL Senate Education Committee 3.11.14 

Hello, thank you for holding this hearing. My name is Becky Gerritson. I live in Elmore County and the president of the Wetumpka TEA Party. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary education and I was a home educator for 17 years.

I would like to speak today in favor of SB443. This bill lays the foundation for schools to opt out of Common Core if they so choose. This is important because as the nationwide groundswell of opposition gains momentum parents may very well demand schools opt out.

Today, I would like to draw your attention to this textbook. It’s called The American Experience: 1900-Present by Prentice Hall. It says right on it “Alabama Common Core Edition”. It is the most widely used 11th grade literature book in our state and it was approved by our State School Board.

Terrence Moore, a professor from Hillsdale College, dedicated an entire chapter in his book called The Story Killers to this very textbook.

It’s easy to see the political bias in this book as well as the mediocre teaching of literature. Due to my time constraint I can only list a few examples found in this book.

  • Students are led to believe that our founding fathers were promoters of slavery. They are not told the truth that slavery had been around for thousands of years and up until the 1700’s our founders and the Quakers were the only distinct voices advocating the abolishment of slavery.
  • Students are led to believe that Benjamin Franklin thought the Constitution was a bad idea. It’s important to note that the US Constitution is nowhere to be found in this book.
  • America is portrayed as barbaric murderers when they dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Students not taught about the thousands of pamphlets that were dropped on the city urging people to flee-or that the action was done to save millions of lives, nor are Students told even how the war started.
  • In this book, students will read Jonathan Edwards’s famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Yet they have deleted 21 out of the 22 Biblical references.
  • Even though this is a literature book, students are diverted away from literature and asked to do research activities on how scientists are addressing deep-space travel for humans.

Let me turn the corner and talk about something else. Many opponents of Common Core have serious concerns about the recommended reading list which contains politically biased and obscene books. It is known as “Appendix B” or “Common Core’s Text Exemplars”. AL State Superintendent, Dr. Bice tried to calm our fears about this reading list saying that we had nothing to worry about because he removed it from our course of study. However, removing the list did nothing because these books and their authors are featured and promoted in this very text book.

On page 1095 the featured author is Toni Morrison, she wrote a book called The Bluest Eye.
It’s a story of an 8 year old black girl. This book is about rape, incest and pedophilia. One of the characters is a priest who likes having sex with little girls and the scenes are graphically described.

The depictions are from the perpetrator’s point of view. The author wanted the reader to feel as though they were a “co-conspirator” with the rapist. She describes the pedophilia, rape and incest “friendly,” “innocent,” and “tender”, but never as wrong.

You might think I am over exaggerating when I say that this book and others like it are vile and inappropriate. Let me read you an edited excerpt; only 6 sentences, from The Bluest Eye. This is recommended for 16 and 17 year olds.

Pages 162-163: (Again these crimes are perpetrated against children.)
“A bolt of desire ran down his genitals…and softening the lips of his a***. . . . He wanted to f*** her—tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold. The tightness of her v***** was more than he could bear. His soul seemed to slip down his guts and fly out into her, and the gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made. Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dry harbor of her v*****. She appeared to have fainted.”

Is this appropriate for minors? This is only 1 of MANY scenes in the book-I didn’t even pick the worst one!
This work and others like it, for example In the Time of Butterflies, are so important to Common Core that not only are they on list of exemplars, but the authors and titles are featured and promoted on full pages in this book.

We are here today because we want EXCELLENT standards and an EXCEPTIONAL curriculum filled with rich literature, not smut, not politically biased revisionist history, and not boring government documents!

The ten of you [only three attended the hearing] sitting here today have the power to do something about this. I urge you to pass SB443 and protect our children-they deserve better!

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You Don’t Want to Miss These!


But first…

Last week’s McLaughlin poll showed that 68% of Alabama likely voters now oppose Common Core – a dramatic increase since the beginning of the school year – no doubt due to what parents and grandparents observe Common Core is doing to their children and what they are researching about it.  While key legislators and some State Board of Education members still refuse to use their constitutional authority to repeal and replace Common Core statewide, Senator Scott Beason has just introduced a revised bill (SB443) with 14 co-sponsors to give local school systems the opportunity to opt out of Common Core and restore superior, proven, Alabama Math Standards (used until 2012) and English Standards (used until 2013) and improve upon them – rather than to experiment with inferior Common Core standards.  Please urge your senator to vote for SB443 as introduced.  Click here to see the bill and cosponsors.  Prior to Common Core Standards, Alabama students were showing astounding academic improvement.  For example, with increases 14 times the national average in math, science and Advanced Placement English, Alabama public schools ranked –

  • Number one among all 50 states in percent increases
  • Number two among all 50 states for minority students in percent increases
  • Graduation rate increases: from 62% in 2002 to 69% in 2008 to 80% in 2012
  • Public Hearing on Common Core (SB443) Tuesday, March 11th Room 304 of the State House
Speaker sign-up begins at 9:00 AM.  The bill allows local school districts to opt-out of Common Core. Further, it has some very important data collection protections written into it. The opposition will be there in force – we need you! Come early and show your support – the room will be packed. The committee will not vote on SB443 until Wednesday.
  • Meet on The State House Steps

Join Eagle Forum of Alabama, the Rainy Day Patriots, the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs and citizens from across the state on Wednesday, March 12th at the State House.  We will meet on the steps at 11:00 AM and hear Senator Scott Beason discuss his newest Common Core bill (SB443).  A few others will be speaking as well.  Following the speakers, we will visit legislators to tell them why we want them to support SB443.
  • Common Core Forum in Cullman

THURSDAY – MARCH 13th – 7:00 PM

Daystar Church in Cullman (the Good Hope Campus) at 200 Daystar Drive
Speakers will include;  Senator Scott Beason Chasidy White and Debbie Landry (Administrator of Crossroads Christian School)

  • Congressional Candidate Forum District 6
Press Release                                                               For Immediate Release
March 4, 2014                                                               Contact: Joan Reynolds
(334) 303-9999                             
            GOP Group, Eagle Forum of Alabama to Sponsor Candidate Forum
BIRMINGHAM – A public forum featuring the Republican candidates for the Sixth District Congressional seat will be held at The Westminster School at Oak Mountain, 5080 Cahaba Valley Trace, at 6:30 PM on Friday, March 21, 2014.
The event is sponsored by Eagle Forum of Alabama and the Shelby County Republican Women’s Club.Seven hopefuls are vying for the GOP nomination for the seat being vacated by retiring incumbent Spencer Bachus. There is no Democratic candidate contesting the race. The Republican Primary is set for Tuesday, June 3, 2014 with a runoff, if necessary, scheduled for Tuesday, July 15.The forum’s format will allow the candidates to talk about their qualifications and why they would best represent the Sixth Congressional district in Washington. This will be followed by questions from the audience. Admission is free and the public is encouraged to attend. The event will last approximately 90 minutes.“We think this will be a great opportunity for voters to see and hear the candidates on the same stage,” said Joan Reynolds, secretary of the Shelby County Republican Women’s Club, and an organizer of the forum. “It is rare for this congressional seat to become open, so Republican voters have an important choice to make in June. We believe this format will allow voters to hear the candidates give unscripted answers to issues that are important to them.”The candidates seeking the nomination are Scott Beason, Will Brooke, Paul DeMarco, Chad Mathis, Gary Palmer, Robert Shattuck and Tom Vigneulle.
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