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Coming Up This Week In The Alabama Legislature…

Note:  The following is a list of some of the legislation to be acted on by the Alabama Legislature this week.  It is in no way comprehensive, and being listed is not indicative of support.

In Committee


HB459 creating a Charter School pilot program.

HB142 prohibits counties from charging any fee to persons or entities not connected to the sewer system

HB405 defines person to include all humans from the point of fertilization


HB56 Rep. Micky Hammon’s immigration reform legislation

HB230 income tax credits for employers who create jobs

SB338 adopts the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President By National Popular Vote compact **Public Hearing**

SB401 requiring candidates for elected office with minimum age requirements to provide a certified copy of birth certificate **Public Hearing**

HB102 ban on texting while driving

HB123 Education Budget **Public Hearing**

SB428 allowing current and new state employees to discontinue participation in or opt out of the Teachers’ Retirement System or Employees’ Retirement System **Public Hearing**

SB412 & SB413 altering the qualifications for membership on the Teachers’ Retirement System and Employees’ Retirement System Board of Control

HB18 prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks postfertilization when baby can feel pain

SB372 ban on smoking in public places, private clubs, outdoor areas and places of employment

HB6 lowering the mandatory school age from 7 years of age to 6 years of age

On the Floor


The House will work on the General Fund budget (SB133) this week.

The following bills are also on the Proposed Special Order Calendar:

HB425 setting the Presidential Preference Primary date for the first Tuesday in March

HB193 prohibiting civil actions against restaurants for weight gain or obesity


SB136 providing for the electronic filing of campaign finance disclosure reports

SB112 removing racist language from the Alabama Constitution of 1901

SB373 authorizing tax incentives for qualified companies locating new or expanding existing businesses in the state of Alabama

The Week Ahead

Committee Activity:


SB34–Amends the Alabama Code to provide child includes children in utero.  A positive drug test at time of birth shall create the presumption of exposure in utero.

SB167–Prohibiting lawsuits against restaurants for obesity

SB 301–Defines “person” to include all humans from the moment of fertilization

SB308–Right to Know and See legislation requiring ultrasounds before abortions

SB202–Federal Abortion Opt Out Act prohibits insurance plans that cover abortion from participating in the state insurance exchange mandated by the Obamacare legislation.


HB425–Moving state presidential preference primary to first Tuesday in March along with the general primary in presidential years.

HB324–moving property tax reappraisal on Class II and Class III property to every four years.

HB123–Education Budget

HB365–Informing consumers of duty to pay state and local sales tax on goods purchased over the internet.

Lots of activity on the House and Senate floor as well.  The General Fund budget is scheduled to pass this week probably Thursday.  I hear the House may take up Rep. Hammon’s immigration legislation (HB56).  It’s the eighth bill on the House Regular Calendar, so there’s a good chance they will take it up.

Highlights from this week’s Regular Calendar:


SB84–Limiting liability for property owners who lease for purposes of hunting or fishing.

SB140–Forever Wild reauthorization

SB127–Limiting terms in the Alabama House and/or Senate to 3 terms.

SB112–Removes racist language and references from the Alabama Constitution

SB17–Easing the ballot access requirements

SB50–Tax credits for creating jobs

SB152–Grants small businesses (less than 10 employees) that locate or expand in Alabama a 5-year property tax exemption.


HB32–Moving the presidential preference primary to June beginning in 2012

HB56–Immigration reform legislation