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Will the Strongest Immigration Bill in Country Be Weakened?

Will the strongest immigration bill in the country be weakened?  Not if we can help it.  Call your Senator and make it clear that you want them to pass SB541 if they decide to make any changes to the immigration law.  HB658 is NOT acceptable!!  Below are some good examples of how HB658 will weaken HB56.


WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF HOW HB 658 WEAKENS HB 56?  (None of the following are in SB 541.)

  • HB 658 repeals the provision that makes it a crime to encourage/induce illegal aliens to move to/remain in Alabama.  Yet federal law prohibits “encouraging or inducing aliens to come to or reside in the United States.”
  • HB 658 adds exclusion for churches or church-related organizations so they can knowingly conceal, harbor or shield aliens.  There is exemption in federal law for bona fide nonprofit religious groups, but the exception in HB 658 is very broad and goes beyond that which is exempt under federal law. 
  • HB 658 restricts definitions of “contractor” and “state funded entity” to mean only entities that receive more than 50% total revenue (within last three years) from public funds.  HB 56 prohibits hiring of any unauthorized aliens and requires all contractors to use E-Verify.
  • HB 658 raises the bar of proof prohibitively high for employees to prove employers fired/replaced them with illegal aliens so that employers can get virtual immunity.
  • HB 658 removes the permanent revocation of business licenses after the second violation.  Employers cannot be penalized if second and third violations are not within 5 years of first.

SB541 Is The Right Fix For Alabama’s Immigration Law

Senator Scott Beason, a co-sponsor of HB56, has introduced a bill (SB541) to tweak that legislation and make it easier to enforce and easier to defend in court.  Sen. Beason’s bill was approved by a Senate Committee today and heads to the floor for a full vote.  HB56’s original sponsor, Rep. Micky Hammon, has also introduced a bill (HB658)to address some issues with the immigration law, but many feel that it changes too much, thus endangering HB56 with the courts, and substantially weakens the original legislation. SB541, however, does exactly what GOP leaders promised they would do–it tweaks the law to make it more effective and more enforceable without making it weaker.

Please call your Legislators ASAP to let them know you support SB541 and want them to stand firm against weakening HB56.