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This Week In The Alabama Legislature

We’re entering the third week of the legislative session, and it looks to be a quiet week. The House will take up the texting while driving ban aka “TTYL” bill (HB2) sponsored by Rep. Jim McClendon, Rep. Mac McCutcheon’s legislation adding utility trucks and wreckers to the list of vehicles for which drivers are required to slow down and move into a vacant lane for when parked on the side of the road (HB76), and Rep. Allen Farley’s bill to crack down on synthetic drugs known as “spice” or “salts” (HB158).  Depending on how fast things move, the House may also get to Rep. Jay Love’s bill to reward teachers who complete the national board certification process (HB251).

Up on the 7th floor the Senate will take up some of the economic development incentives bills passed by the House last week (HB151, HB152, HB159 and HB160).

Legislative Week in Review–Week 1

The Alabama legislature gaveled in at 12 noon on March 1, 2011 with a Republican-controlled House and Senate.  It was a very busy week that followed as the GOP is moving legislation quickly through committee.  Here are some of the key pieces of legislation that came out of committee this week:

HB57–Rep. Greg Canfield’s Rolling Reserve Budget Act will change the budgeting process for the Education Trust Fund to cap spending at a 15-year rolling average.

HB59–Rep. Barry Mask’s legislation to eliminate the state’s Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

HB64–Rep. Kurt Wallace’s constitutional amendment that protects the right to a secret ballot  in employee representation.

HB61–Rep. April Weaver’s bill to allow businesses to deduct 200% of the amount they pay in health insurance premiums on their state income tax.