We have the following videos available in Birmingham:

Eagle Forum of AlabamaEagle ForumDocumentary17:40Informational: Recruitment
In God They TrustedAmerica's Christian HeritagePeter Marshall & David Manuel30:00Mini-dramas highlighting Am. Christian Heritage, Pilgrims, Declaration of Independence
In God They Trusted & The Faith of WashingtonAmerica's Christian HeritagePeter Marshall & David Manuel; D. James Kennedy30:00 & 60:00Mini-dramas highlighting Am. Christian Heritage, Pilgrims, Declaration of Independence
What is Eagle Forum?Eagle ForumPhyllis Schlafly28:30Recruitment film presenting history & goals
White House Briefing, Eagle Council XIVMultipleDon Regan, Linda Chavez, Rob Reilley,Geo KeyworthTax Reform, Comparable Worth, Central Am, SDI
For the Record: Comparable WorthEconomicsLucille White, NOW vs. Melinda Huckabee, EF30:00
Judge's War, TheJudiciaryJudge BorkRound Table Issues & Answers, Memphis, TN
Religious Hate ArtArt/ NEAJohn Whitehead, Rutherford Institute30:00How NEA is promoting Art and attacking Religion
Alabama Textbook CaseEducationShorts - Missing
CBN News Briefs-Roe vs. Wade, AIDS, Women in the 80'sHealthVarious1hr
Why Some Countries Are Rich & Others PoorEconomics45:00Common Sense Classroom
XOur History: A Guide to the FutureU.S. History45:00Common Sense Classroom
XPlaces on the Map: Strategic GeographyGeography45:00Common Sense Classroom
Dungeons and DragonsEducation
Alabama Textbook DecisionsEducationMobile Textbook Decision
For the Record: AIDS CoverupHealthGene Antonio & Don Williamson
LibertyDefenseOllie North
XWe the People - Speech & Slideshow on the U.S. ConstitutionConstitutionPhyllis Schlafly27.13Slide Presentation
Protecting the American FamilyFamiliesGary Bauer30:00DVD remastered 2005
Let Their Eyes Be OpenedHumanism30:00Exposes atheistic philosophy permeating American Culture
Eclipse of ReasonAbortionDr. Barnard Nathanson30:00Baby in womb as abortion performed
Massacre of InnocenceAbortionEric Holmberg, producer85:00Pt 1 - 30 min. General: Pt 2 - Exposes spiritual roots behind. Not recommended for gen. public viewing.
Let's Do Something DifferentAbortionPlanned Parenthood
Education & the Founding FathersEducationDavid Barton58:00Founders Educ'al System & How We Can Do the Same Thing Today by Wallbuilders, Inc.
"AIDS" Update 8/87HealthDr. Tom McKnight, USAF
Don't Let AIDS Catch YouHealthPromotes Abstinence; Good for High School Students
Meet the Abortion ProvidersAbortionInterview of Doctors, Nurses & Counselors29:00Documentary on Former Abortionist
Pornography: An American TragedyPornography60:00Documentary of Dr. D. James Kennedy
One Incoming (SDI) - Project Peace ShieldDefenseIntroduction by Tom Clancey, Heston30:00Intro. dramatization of accidental launch; stresses need for SDI
The Genesis SolutionScienceKen Ham45:00When Genesis foundation is lost, Christianity and morality crumble. Humorous animation.
Dr. Lorraine Day Speaks Out on AIDS EpidemicHealthDr. Lorraine Day4 Parts - John Ankerberg Show
EPC tape 5EducationHeld in St. Louis, MO
EPC tape 6EducationHeld in St. Louis, MO
Sex, Lies, and the TruthHealth30:00Focus on the Family
Call to ActionAbortionAlabama Pro-Life Coalition
Affective EducationEducationDr. Wm. Coulson, Sam Blumefeld
Creation Special #640ScienceDr. D. James Kennedy
Great Debate: Evolution vs. CreationScience54:13
What's Wrong With ERAERA30:00Eagle Forum
Rising to the ChallengeMusic33:00PMRC-5 Major Trends in Rock Music. Present to children only with parental consent.
How to Help Your Children Say No to SexHealthJosh McDowell120:00Sessions 1 - 4. One of two tapes in eight 30 minute parts.
How to Help Your Children Say No to SexHealthJosh McDowell120:00Sessions 5 - 8. One of two tapes in eight 30 minute parts.
Making Responsible DecisionsHealth
Sex RespectHealthColeen Kelly Mast40:00An option for true sexual freedom
Preview of a BirthAbortionHuman Resources Council
Constitution and ReligionReligion and PoliticsGary DeMar
Scholastic VouchersEducationA parent's guide to real choice in education.
A Defense that DefendsDefense26:00
High FrontierDefensePhyllis Schlafly/Ronald Reagan, Dr. Geo.Keyworth27:00
How to Make Nuclear Weapons ObsoleteDefenseDr. Robert Jastrow60:00Provocative Question & Answer Period
Central America - Before It's Too LateDefense28:00
A Matter of ChoiceAbortion28:00Actual Abortion Performed. Journalist's Search for Truth.
Telling It Like It IsDefenseOllie North
Why Is Central America Important To Us?DefenseOllie North & Robert Reilly40:00
Communism: Where We Stand TodayWorld ConflictDr. Schwartz40:00
KAL-007 The Untold StoryWorld ConflictDiane Provan & Walter ByrnesFocus on the Issues
Harvest of DispairWorld ConflictFiring LineStarvation of 7 - 14 million in Ukraine 1932 - 33.
Are the Liberals Soft on Communism?World Conflict29:30
The Border Is OpenImmigration
African National Congress - "Time for Candor"World Conflict30:00South Africa
South AfricaWorld ConflictShows Importance to Free World53:003 Films: Halfway to Everywhere, Vital Link, Diversity & Development.
Ankerberg Show, Parts 1 - 4Religion and PoliticsD. James Kennedy vs. John BuchananParts 1 - 4 of 5. John Buchanan represents People for the American Way.
Ankerberg Show, Part 5Religion and PoliticsD. James Kennedy vs. John BuchananPart 5 of 5. John Buchanan represents People for the American Way.
Television's Vietnam/Accuracy in MediaWorld ConflictCharlton Heston58:00Bias & Misinformation re Vietnam Conflict
1985 TV ExcerptsAbortionDocumentaries, Interviews & Debates122:00
Pilgrim's ProgressReligion and Politics40:00Modern presentation of Pilgrim's journey
Why Wait? Sessions 1 - 3HealthJosh McDowell90:00Temptation and Case for Abstinence
New AgeNew AgeAnkerberg
Gods of the New AgeNew Age
Satanic MusicMusicRock & Roll
Rock Music; Devil WorshipMusicGeraldo Rivera, Robena Orr120:00(1) Geraldo: 90 min. special on Rock Music & Devil Worship; (2) For the Record: 30 min Alex City
Soviet Military PowerDefense24:00U.S. Dept. of Defense Film
Abstinence Education WorksHealthMichael Long
Daycare: A Child's Eye ViewDay CareWendy Dreskin, Dr. D. Besharov45:00Eagle Forum Education Conference, Wash. D.C.
Ala. Textbook Case, Roe v. Wade, AIDSAbortionMultiple subjects including women in the 80s
Sex RespectHealth 8:00
BorderlineWorld ConflictInterview with Woody & Diane JenkinsBorder between Honduras & Nicarauga and the refugees
Radical Operation - No Place to Hide
Listen to Our VoicesWorld Conflict12:00South Africa Sanctions
Conservatives, theWorld Conflict90:00South Africa: Revolution & Betrayal
Soviet Imperialism IIWorld Conflict28:00
Gorbachev's Glasnost: Rhetoric or Reality?World ConflictClark Bowers60:00
Tolstoy, History of a Soviet War CrimeWorld ConflictConversation with Nikolai TolstoyPresented by USIC Educational Foundation
Religious LibertyReligion and PoliticsDr. D. James Kennedy
For the Record: AIDSHealthPerry, Wideman30:00
Network Bias Against ChristiansReligion and Politics58:00Produced by Nat'l Fed. for Decency
EF of AL 1988 ConferenceEagle ForumPhyllis Schlafly, et al., Gene Antonio30 EACHFamilies in Crisis, etc.
EF of AL1988 ConferenceEagle ForumPhyllis Schlafly, et al.Parents' & Teachers' Rights, Closing Ala Students' Minds, Warehousing of Am. Children
Scientists at TacomaScienceSelected InterviewsFoundation for Thought & Ethics
Eagle Forum on TV Victory NetworkDay CareEun. Smith, Dr. Ledbetter, B. Bostwick, P. HiebertE.F. history, textbooks, science education, Huntsville child care.
For the RecordMultiplePhyllis SchlaflyCall-in-Program
Great Issues of Today, Vol. 1 - 2PornographyDon Wildmon120:00Pornography is not a victimless crime.
Great Issues of Today, Vol. 3 - 4PornographyDon Wildmon120:00Clash of Values
Great Issues of Today, Vol. 5 - 6PornographyDon Wildmon120:00The Media, The Role of the Church
Current Issues from a Biblical PerspectiveWorld ViewTom Virkler200:00Five 40 min. sessions on Authority - Power Structures, Sessions 1- 5.
Current Issues from a Biblical PerspectiveWorld ViewTom Virkler200:00Sessions 6 - 10, each 40 mins.
Current Issues from a Biblical PerspectiveWorld ViewTom Virkler120:00Sessions 11 - 13 each 40 mins.
Everyone Is Not Doing It - IntroductionHealthMike LongIntro. Video to Series in 3 parts. Ideal for presenting how abstinence can be taught to school officials.
Everyone Is Not Doing It - Part 1HealthMike LongPart 1 challenges teens to be responsible and avoid emotional suffering.
Everyone Is Not Doing It - Part 2HealthMike LongPart II appeals to teens being misdirected by society and helps them see abstinence is best & why
Everyone Is Not Doing It - Part 3HealthMike LongPart III discusses the differ. betw'n infatuation & love, and foolproof method for telling the difference.
The Winnable WarPornographyJames Dobson Documentary28:32One of two. How the fight against pornography can be won.
Red WarCommunismSen. H. L. Richardson84:00History of Soviet Advances toward world governmennt - in three 28 min. parts.
Revival Account, Asbury 1970Religion and PoliticsDennis Kinlaw, President of Asbury College in 197040:00Answers question "What is true revival and spiritual awakening?"
The Story of America's LibertyReligion and PoliticsStephen McDowell and Eric Holmberg60:00Examines biblical principles that shaped founding of America, documents supernatural interventions and "guiding hand of God" upon U.S. history.
Death of Ethics in AmericaEthicsCal Thomas35:00EF Conference 1989
Preserving the Integrity of Science OriginsScienceDr. Charles Thaxton65:00Part 1
Preserving the Integrity of Science OriginsSciencePanel Discussion, Dr. C. Thaxton, et al.Part 2
Who Will Care for the ChildrenDay CarePhyllis Schlafly
XAmerican InventorsEconomicsNarrated by Phyllis Schlafly45.00The Fabulous Story of How Inventors Changed the Way We Live, DVD remastered 2005
For the Record: Science TextbooksScienceJoan Kendall, Jo Ann Rousso30:00
Values EducationEducationPhil Donahue
Right to Kill, TheEuthanasiaWm. F Buckley Interviews doctors & lawyers58:00Interview of experts in medicine, law, philosophy and religion.
Evolution Conspiracy, TheScience50:00Shows errors in evolution and its link with New Age movement
Evolution Conspiracy - Norris AndersonScienceNorris AndersonEducation Conference: 15 min. segment on Evolution and Of Pandas & People
Truth Behind Outcome Based Education, TheEducation
Operation RescueAbortionTerry Veasey & Jim Pinto
Child CareDay CarePhyllis SchlaflyEWTN Production
New Age: Pathway to ParadiseNew AgePart 1. History & Who's Involved. Part 2. New Age in Education
New Age Teaching in Public SchoolsNew AgeCraig Branch60:00Watchman Fellowship Talk in Huntsville
Feminization of the MilitaryDefenseBetty BostwickEF Conference, Montgomery
Feminization of the MilitaryDefenseElaine Donnelly, Brian Mitchell, Paul DavisEF Conference, Montgomery
Tell the Truth Rally for Life, Washington, D.C.AbortionFocus on the Family58:00
Do Babies Feel Pain?AbortionAnkerberg Show Testimonies of Former Abortionists30Discusses Pre-born's Feelings
Flirting with Sex - CBN on HomosexualityHomosexuality
Growing HealthyHealth
Hell's Bells - Danger of Rock and RollMusicReel to Real Ministries185:00On Power of Rock Music. Parental Discretion Advised
America's Godly HeritageAmerica's Christian HeritageDavid Barton60:00From Founding Fathers for 160 Years: Excerpts from Court Cases Defending Christian Heritage
Window to the Womb (Ultrasound)AbortionShari Richards45 or 25Excellent Educational Tool - Shows baby development 1 - 3 trimesters
For the RecordEducationDr. Wm. Coulson30:00Discussion of Affective Methodology
For the Record: HomosexualityHomosexualityDr. Wm. Coulson; Dr. Judith Reisman30:00 & ?1st Part - Discussion of Affective Methodology; 2nd Part - Homosexuality
For the Record: EF as Effective LobbyistsLobbying12:00
Facing Reality: AbstinenceHealthDr. Onalee McGrawLegislators' Briefing
For the Record: Mandatory KindergartenDay CareVicki Winstead
EmbryoscopyAbortionMedical Technology8:00
For the Record: AbortionAbortionCheryl Ciamarra vs. Michele Wilson30:00
Christian Voice on PAWReligion and Politics30:00Expose on People for the American Way
Public Education: Hidden AgendaEducationDr. D. James Kennedy et al.Coral Ridge Ministries
Sex, Drugs & AIDS, What Everyone Needs to Know, & What We KnowHealth90:00Pt 1 Sex, Drugs & AIDS, Pt 2 AIDS: What Everyone Needs to Know, Pt 3 -AIDS: ...What We Know
Eagle Council XIV What's Wrong with Rock Music, How to Make Nuclear Weapons Obsolete, High FrontierMusic, DefenseGore, Dr. K Jastrow, Phyllis Schlafly
Flirting with SexHealthDr. William Coulson58:00
Foundations of American GovernmentAmerica's Christian HeritageDavid Barton18 :00Designed as a tool to demonstrate that the current separation of church & state was never intended by the Founding Fathers. Also, shows what happened statistically when the 1962 Court rejected their intent
AIDS Panel, Metro Church of GodHealthL. Radbill, J. Randle Weeks, R. Wooten, F Stephens75:00
Americans Against Homosexuality in the MilitaryHomosexualityJim Cooper
Of Pandas & PeopleScienceNorris Anderson20:00St. Louis Education Conference
Sexual DeviationHomosexualityDistributed by Traditional Values Coalition. It is "xxx".
1991 EF Conference - Abstinence Update, etc.HealthDr. Bill Krug, Ted Baehr, Joan KendallAbstinence Up-date, etc.
1991 EF Conference - HuntsvilleDefenseDr. Rick Chappel, NASA, Phyllis SchlaflyP. Schlafly Banquet Speech
1991 EF Conference - Truth About HistoryAmerica's Christian HeritageDr. John Eidsmoe
1991 EF Conference - HuntsvilleAmerica's Christian HeritageDr. John Eidsmoe, David Barton, Amb. Henry Cooper90:00
1992 EF Conference - MontgomeryMultiple
Ted Bundy InterviewPornographyDr. James Dobson
No Second ChanceHealthCathy Kay30:00Sex Education
Abstinence EducationHealthDr. Bill Krug
Educational Guidance Institute Teen PanelHealthChallenge Program - Session 4.
Clips from News Against ABC BillDay Care
What Did You Learn in School Today (OBE)EducationChannel 4 Oklahoma40:00News Channel 4, Oklahoma City, OK
Top Secret - Your Child & EducationEducationChannel 4 Oklahoma
EF LuncheonEducationRobert HollandOutcome Based Education
Kentucky Education RallyEducation
For the RecordEducationEllie Ficken
Constitutional Coalition U. S. Education Parts 1 & 2EducationPart I - Content; Part II - Control.
For the RecordEducationDick Brewbaker
Impact of Suffering on End of Life Decisions, TheEthicsDavid BiebelSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 1
Bioethics for the Third MillenniumEthicsMigel M. de S. CameronSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape #2
The Human Genome ProjectEthicsFrancis CollinsSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 3
Physician Assisted SuicideEthicsMark CoppengerSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 4
Dying Well (Euthanasia)EthicsGary CrumSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 5
Theme InterpretationEthicsJimmy DraperSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 6
Amniocentesis and Sex SelectionEthicsThomas ElkinsSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 7
Blood Money: Getting Rich Off A Woman's Right to ChooseEthicsCarol EverettSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 8
Our Southern Baptist Heritage of LifeEthicsTimothy GeorgeSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 9
Technology, Medicine, and the Christian FaithEthicsThomas HarrisSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 10
Fetal Personhood: Getting the Facts StraightEthicsDianne IrvingSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 11
Life at Risk: Theme OverviewEthicsRichard LandSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 12
War of the Worlds I, TheEthicsJohn MacArthurSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 13
War of the Worlds II, TheEthicsJohn MacArthurSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 14
Myth of Safe Sex and the Problems It Has Caused, TheEthicsJoe McIhaneySouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 15
HIV/AIDS: Medicine and Morality Without GodEthicsFranklin Payne, Jr.Southern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 16
RU 486: Miracle or CurseEthicsJ. C. WillkeSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 17
Normative Genetics: Effect of Origins World View on EthicsEthicsKurt WistSouthern Baptist Life at Risk Conference/Crisis in Medical Ethics - Tape # 18
Mysteries of the Ancient World - Discovery of Noah's ArkWorld ViewDarren McGavin, host 93:00
Building Better Christian HomesFamiliesRobert Waggoner 338:00Nine Parts on Humanism, etc. each 35 - 40 mins. in length
Liberating America's SchoolsEducation 57:00
Gay Agenda "The Report", TheHomosexualityDocumentary 35:00The Gay Agenda in Public Schools
America Back to GodHomosexualityJerry FalwellExpose of the Radical Gay & Lesbian Agenda
How to Lobby Effectively; How to Pass Good Legislation;How to Defeat Bad LegislationPoliticsP. Schlafly, B. Patray, D. Perrin,J. Hansen et al.81:32Eagle Council XXIV
Our Military Under Seige - HomosexualityHomosexuality
Challenge the Quest Philosophy Part 1 - 2EducationBob Lemieux & Terry Fennig
EF Conference 1993MultipleDr. Robert Sheppard1 of 3 tapes
EF Conference 1993MultipleNumerous speakers including Dr. Eidsmoe2nd of 3 tapes, Educational Reform & Homosexuality in Military
EF Conference 1993MultiplePhyllis Schlafly, Dr. Wm. Kilpatrick3rd of 3 tapes,
Education FundingEducation60 Minute T V Show10:0010 minute Segment on Education Funding
Microchipped - How Education Establishment Took Us Beyond Big BrotherEducationDallas, Texas
Retarding America: The Imprisonment of Potential - U. S. Dept. of Justice Phonics VideoEducationBrunner28:30Nat'l Right to Read Foundation
A Christian Manifesto - Coral Ridge MinistriesReligion & PoliticsFrancis Schaeffer
Justice on FurloughJudiciaryJudge Fumia, Susie Forrest28:00Mass. - 428 convicted murderers escaped while on furlough from prison. Fairmount Productions
What's Wrong with Hillary's Health CareHealthJane Orient, Eagle Council
Education Reform, Hank Erwin ShowEducationChristian Spencer, Eunie Smith, Margaret Brown
Southern Baptist - Citizen ChristiansPolitics27:00
Legalized Gambling: America's Bad BetGamblingDr. John Eidsmoe
Outcome Based Education, 700 ClubEducationRobert Jansen, G. Temple
Frontline - AIDS, Blood & PoliticsHealthPBS Video57:00PBS Video
Meet the Press: Choice in EducationEducationWilliam Bennett
Public Forum: 1994 Candidates for Gov. of Ala. & Clinton's Circle of PowerPolitics
Health Care EF ConferenceHealthPhyllis Schlafly
Safe for LifeAbortionPlanned Parenthood
EF of Ala. Education Video DEducation
Waco, The Big LieJudiciary
America 2000 An Education Strategy, Gov. Conf.EducationPeg Luksik, James PatrickWitchita, KS
Choice in EducationEducationMcNeill/Lehrer 3-87; 60 Mins.10-91; ABC , CBS News
Outcome Based Education in OklahomaEducationCarol BondFactors Affecting Education in Oklahoma
Contest of Cultures & U.S. Dept. of EducationEducationProduced by the Constitution CoalitionPart I - Content; Part II - Control
Faces of AIDS - Danny & Karen Aulds StoryHealthDanny & Karen Aulds, Dr. Wm. McKenzie45:00Produced by Sex & Family Education, B'ham, AL.
Ala. Board of Education, Postponement of Remedy Order PlansEducation41:00
Parents for Academic Excellence - OregonEducation15:00
Darwinism - Science or Naturalistic PhilosophyScienceJohnson - Provine Debate2 hrs.Approved for use in Alabama Public Schools
Darwinism on Trial - A Look at Why Science Needs to Rethink DarwinismSciencePhillip Johnson105:00
XDavid Barton's The Spirit of the American RevolutionU.S. HistoryDavid Barton53:00:00
"CrossTalk Live" Interview of EF of AlaEagle ForumMike Robinson, Carolyn Pitman45:00
A Sovereign God In Broken WorldWorld ViewElizabeth Elliot54:00
A Night to Remember: Phyllis Schlafly's Testimonial DinnerEagle Forum30:00
AL St. School Bd. Mtg.Public CommentEducationPublic Comment30min
DARE and Drug Use & Children at RiskDrugsDr. Wm. Coulson/Gayle Ruzick72:00
Workforce EducationEducationSteinke, Cragg, Blumenfeld, etc.120:00 2:30
Forty Years of Solving Education ProblemsEducationPhyllis Schlafly, Ken Ham101:00
Traditional vs. Progressive EducationEducationEidsmoe,Gablers, N. Anderson, J. Gubbins128:00Multiple topics including "What the Founders Teach Us" & Textbooks
Why Johnny Can't WorkEducation60:00
Crisis in the ClassroomEducationPhyllis Schlafly, host
Immigration by the NumbersImmigrationRoy Beck, host
Hard TruthAbortion7:00
Writing Road to ReadingEducationSpaulding
TV Show 20/20: Schools That Teach Children to ReadEducation
Truth Behind OBE, TheEducation
School to WorkEducationPBS Special
Judge BorkJudiciary
Sanctity of Human Life & Perspectives on Religious LibertyWorld View
Case for Free Market Education & "Learning to Read", theEducationRather
Outcome Based EducationEducationMargaret Brown
For the Record: Education Town MeetingEducationCraig, Teague, C. Hammonds, et al.
Rewriting of America's History - Vol. IU.S. History+51:00Removal of Christian References from Nat'l landmarks including U.S. Sup. Ct. Wash. Monument
Rewriting of America's History - Vol. IIU.S. HistoryCatherine Millard52:00Removal of Christian References at Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial , Statue of Liberty
America: Roots of a NationU.S. HistoryPeter Marshall
Stop Clinton AgendaPolitics1:00
America 2000 - Communities Getting StartedEducation20:47
Health Care - 1994HealthPhyllis SchlaflyEagle Forum of Ala. Annual Conference
Equity Funding Lawsuit Reform PlanEducationSp. Meeting State Board of EducationFor the Record
Education for the New World Order; The Hidden Agenda in Assessment TestsEducationBeverly EakmanEagle Council
Naturalism in Science CurriculaScienceNorris Anderson45:00Cornerstone Production
Law & the Science Classroom, TheScienceNorris Anderson45:00Cornerstone Production
Science Textbooks & the Alabama InsertScienceNorris AndersonCornerstone Production
Radical FeminismFeminismPhyllis Schlafly
Child Abuse in the ClassroomEducationDocumentary w/ Phyllis SchlaflyFocuses on courses designed to change children's values
Iowa Debate on ERA InitiativeERAEleanor Smeal, Phyllis Schlafly et al.
1993 Current IssuesPoliticsPhyllis Schlafly w/TV America host Dennis WholelyConservative Republican defined, etc.
Abortion Issue, TheAbortionPhyllis Schlafly New ConferenceRepublican Nat'l Coalition for Life
Firing Line Debate: Women in CombatDefenseW.Buckley, Col.Ripley, E.Donnelly/ P.Schroeder,etDebate at Geo. Washington Univ.:Women in Military Should Be Excluded from Combat
Missouri School to Work: Partnerships that WorkEducation69:00
Columbus and Cortez, Conquerors for ChristU.S. HistoryJohn EidsmoeColumbus - Conquistador or Christ-Bearer Cortez - Militarist or Missionary
Institute on the Constitution, Vol. IConstitutionDr. John Eidsmoe120:001. Biblical View of History, 2. Discovery, Settlemt & Evangeliz'n of Am, 3. Basic Beliefs of FFs, 4. Formula
Institute on the Constitution, Vol. IIConstitutionJohn Eidsmoe90:005. Declar'n of Indep., Constit'al Convention & Ratific. Debate, 6.- 8. Overview of Arts. I - VII
Institute on the Constitution, Vol. IIIConstitutionJohn Eidsmoe90:00 9. Overview of Const.: 1st Am, 10. Ams - XXVII, 11. Crisis of Const., 12. Restoring our Const'l Heritage
Are All Children "At Risk"?EducationPhyllis Schlafly68:41Eagle Council XXIV
MSA's Can Pay Your Medical Expenses; Straight from Beiging, the U N is Planning Your FutureHealthBrian McManus, Cathy Adams, Cliff Kincaid88:04Eagle Council XXIV
Ideological Changes in American & Soviet Union & Feminization of U. S. MilitaryDefenseStan McDonald; Panel: B.Mitchell, E.Donnelly,etc.37:00 75:00Pt 1. S. McDonald discuesses ideology of communist nations. Pt. 2. Panel on women in military combat.
Hollywood vs. ReligionMediaFeaturing Michael Medved59:00Why is Hollywood intent on discrediting religion? Uncovers entertainment industry's ignorance, distrust & fear of organized religion.
Who Controls the Children?EducationPeg Luksik58:00
Low Road to China - Presidents & PrincelingsWorld ConflictPaul Weyrich, Ethan Gutman, Scott Wheeler45:00Contributions to Clinton Campaign by Lippo Group etc. to influence U.S. domestic & foreign policy.
Conference on Goals 2000, Wash. D.C. - Tape IEducationP. Schlafly, Rep. Hyde, D. Brewbaker, R. Holland80:00Conference contained on 3 tapes. Discusses Federal Role in Public Schools, etc.
Conference on Goals 2000, Wash. D.C. - Tape IIEducationRep. Voorhees, K. Brown, Rep. Graham, Rep.Sunseri91:00School to work, foundations leverage, etc.
Conference on Goals 2000, Wash. D.C. - Tape IIIEducationSunseri, Baldwin, Rohrer, V. Miller, Hoekstra90:00School Assessments, Medicalization of Schools, NCEE's Human Development Plan, etc.
Presidential Candidate 1996PoliticsIntro - S. McDonald & Alan KeyesBriarwood Presbyterian Church
Total Quality Management & the Dialectic ProcessEducationTim Clem & Dr. Phil RingUniversity Lecture
Christi's ChoiceHealth28:30Produced by Life Dynamaics Inc.
On the Wings of an EagleEagle Forummontage30:00The Phyllis Schlafly Story
Save the Ten Commandments RallyJudiciaryMontgomery, Alabama 4/12/97
After the ChoiceAbortion25:00Produced by Concerned Women for America
Idols & Ideas: Of Darwin, Keynes, Freud, Marx, etc.World ViewDrs. Menton, McGovern, Coulson, et al.2:12:30Speakers discuss Darwin, Keynes, Kierkegaard, Freud, Wellhausen, Marx & Dewey. Leader's Guide.
Address to Eagle ForumPoliticsAlan Keyes37:10Eagle Council XXIV
Fulltime Homemaker Award: Janet HuckabeeEagle ForumLt. Gov. M. Huckabee56:40Lt. Gov. of Arkansas and wife
Reading Horizons OverviewEducationDiscover Intensive Phonics for Yourself
For the Record: Goals 2000EducationStephanie Bell, Gary Kreep, Bradley Byrne30:00
Clinton Chronicles, ThePolitics80:00Investigation into alleged driminal activities of Bill Clinton and his Circle of Power. Citzns for Honest Gov
EF of AL 1996 Leadership ConferenceMultipleF. Wideman, C. Ciamarra, L. Baxley, J. Giles, JHamSome subjects covered, Women's Beijing Conference, Abortion, Republican Pro-Life Committee
EF of AL 1996 Leadership ConferenceMultipleJim Lowden, Summit Ministries attendees
California CON CONConstitution
Advocates for Protection of Women & Children (Organization to Inform Minority Families)AbortionGary Hodges, Gwen Webb, Valerie Powe25:00Channel 60 Gadsden Program
MasqueradeDrugsMilton Creagh30:00Reveals devastating consequences of youthful drug and alcohol abuse. Address "causal use" myth.
EF of AL 1996 Leadership ConferenceMultipleJohn Eidsmoe, Pro-Family PanelPro-Family Issues & Medical Savings Accounts
EF of AL 1996 Leadership ConferenceMultipleB. McManus, Kay JamesMed. Savings Accounts, Welfare Reform
Something is Wrong in AlabamaPoliticsThe Honest Election Coalition10:00Election Fraud & Election Reform
ACLU, The: Children In The BalanceEducationDr. D. James Kennedy49:00
Judge Roy S. Moore Story, The "We Dare Defend Our Rights"ConstitutionJ. Moore, Gov. James, R. Aderhold, Bill Pryor30:00Documens April 12, 1997 Rally in Montgomery, Ala. speakers incl. AttyGenBill Pryor,Cong.Aderholt,etc.
OBE: Education or Social Engineering?EducationAnn Wilson, Norman Dodd, Charlotte Iserbyt, et al.110:00Exec. Producer Ann Wilson, author of Pavlov's Children
Save the Commandments Rall"ConstitutionDocumentary146:00Rally in Montgomery, Ala. about lawsuit against Judge Moore brought by the ACLU
For the Record: MainstreamingEducationJan Bolla30:00Mainstreaming handicapped children
Policy Exchange Foundation/Planery Session 1PoliticsSeveralB'ham, Session 1 - speakers
Policy Exchange Foundation/Planery Session 2PoliticsSeveralB'ham, Session 3 - speakers included Judge Moore
Policy Exchange Foundation/Planery Session 3PoliticsSeveralB'ham, Breakout Session: The Taylor Plan & Planery Session 4
A Nation AdriftU.S. History40:00Story of how God's hand guided Founding Fathers to forge our nation.
Eagle Forum CollegiansEagle ForumRep.RBartlettR-Md;SenJAshcroftR-Mo;PFerrara96:00Annual Conference for Collegians held in Washington, D. C.
P.I.E. (Parents Involved in Education) Goes to WashingtonEducation48:00
P.I.E. (Parents Involved in Education) America or Amerika: Social Trends in American Education?Education60:00
Goals 2000 DebateEducationGary Kreep, Dede Alpert
IBM Propaganda (Writing to Read) - Opelika ComputersEducation
Driving Forces Behind School to WorkEducationCarol Bond60:00P. O. Box 470734, Tulsa, OK 74147-0734
Role of Religion in the U. S. Government - National Clergy CouncilGovernment42:00Public Affairs Video at Purdue University
How People of Faith Are Changing the Soul of American PoliticsGovernmentRalph E. Reed, Jr.60:00Speech to National Press Club
Affirmative ActionPolitics60:00GOP TV/Rising Tide
Congress Exposed: Restore Home Lobbyist KitPoliticsCong. Phil Crane30:00Produced by Christian Action Network
Gary Aldrich on ClintonPolitics
The Crash: The Coming Financial Collapse of AmericaEconomicsEd Meese, Cong. Bill Dannemeyer,T. Lott, L. BurketJeremiah Films, Inc.
No Second ChanceHealthCathy Kay, R.N., Medical & Health Educators30:00Jeremiah Films, Inc.
Detroit Economic Club SpeechEconomicsDr. Ralph E. Reed, Jr.Speech made as Executive Director of Christian Coalition
XDeath of Vince Foster, The - What Really Happened?Politics60:00Produced by Citizens for Honest Government
XSignature of God - Part 1, TheWorld ViewGrant R. Jeffrey80:00Documented evidence that proves the Bible is the inspired Word of God
Signature of God - Part 2, TheWorld ViewGrant R. Jeffrey80:00Continuation of evidence that Bible is God's Word w/book: The Signature of God
Illiteracy: Its Consequences & CureEducationPhyllis Schlafly50:00Texas Education Summit
Story of America's Liberty, TheReligion and PoliticsEric Holmerg & Stephen McDowell65:00Features accounts of God's miracles in the founding of America (Am. Portrait Films)
Conservative Leadership America Needs, ThePoliticsSenator John Ashcroft63:00Eagle Council XXVI, St. Louis, MO
XSeven Minute Alerts (Six) Eagle Council XXVITeen Eagles67:00How to Start Teen Eagles;ConCon and Term Limits; Why Not Initiative and Referendum? Abstinence Is the Name of the Game; The Feminization of the Military;Eagle Forum Collegians Fourth Summit
School-To-Work=Training for a Low-Wage Global EconomyEducationRep. Sunseri & Q & A67:00
Global Goals of the Clinton AdministrationPoliticsPhyllis Schlafly55:00Plus Fulltime Homemaker of the Year Award to Mrs. J.C. Watts
Voting by Illegal Aliens/Yes, We Have a SolutionPoliticsBob Doran, Elaine Little57:00Plus Q & A Eagle Council XXVI
XHow Election Thieves Steal Self-Government PoliticsS. Beckers, C. Honcoup, J. Voorhees, W. Jenkins60:00
XGlobal Governance: The Quiet WarGlobalismPhyllis Schlafly & others58:00Reveals the truth about global goals of the Clinton Administration
XFirst Comes LoveHealthProduced by Project Reality with Leader's Discussion Guide & handout for classroom distribution
XRaising Godly Children in an Ungodly WorldWorld ViewKen Ham68:00Systematically explains the scriptural principles for raising Godly children
Biodiversity, "The Truth as I See It" - - The Key to Destroying Property Rights and the U.S. ConstitutionEnvironmentalismMichael Coffman & Terry CanadyCopyright 1995 - Environmental Perspectives, Inc.
Biodiversity-Key to Destroying Property Rights & U.S. Constitution; Environmentalism vs Property RightsEnvironmentalismMichael S. Coffman, Ph.D. and Terry CanadyBehind the Green Curtain -
XLarry Klaymans Appearance on Fox News - October 24, 1997 - 8:00-9:00 P.M.Larry Klayman"John Huang: In His Own Words" - VHS - NTSC
XMission SudanWorld Conflict12:00
XC-SPAN Eagle ForumEagle ForumKristen Ardizzone & David Liedeman22:00Kristen Ardizzone, Ex. Dir., EF DC Office & David Liedeman, CEO Child Welfare League of America
XFirst Reader - Instructional VideoEducation15:00
Changing Roles of Men and Women - The Feminists Just Don't Get It.FeminismPhyllis Schlafly - with Questions & Answers97:00Speech to Hollins College Roanoke, VA (C) 1997 Purdue Research Foundation
XEagle Forum Collegians - Recruitment VideoEagle Forum16:00
XCertificates of Initial Mastery/Goals 2000 and School -To- Work School-To-WorkBarbara Tennison and Rep. Ron Sunseri1 Hr. & 40 Mins
XUnderstanding the Times Teen EaglesSummit Ministries24:00Informational Video Seminar for Christian High School Administrators
XReclaiming American One Heart At A Time - Coral Ridge Ministries (Christian Statesman Center - Washington)CharacterIntro - John Ashcroft - Dr. Wright,56 :00Speech re: What A Christian and Statesman Are. Award to Judge Roy Moore.
XNat'l Comm onTeaching in Amer's Future; Pew Charitable Trust's Impact on One Community;EducationDr. M. Podgursky; C. Pospahala,etc.1 Hr. & 34 MinsAlso Questions and Answers 314-394-0611
XHillsdale's Academy - A Success Story & ModelEducationSenator Mike Fair; Dr. Robert Hanna1 Hr., 33 MinThe Child vs, The State/Federal Government
XCulture Crisis and the Media - Accuracy in MediaMedia1 Hr.Purdue University Public Affairs Video Archives
XPathways to Success: Learning & CompetitivenessEducation47 Min., 20 SecProduces for the Center for Learning & Competitiveness
XBiodiversity - The Key to Destroying Property Rights and the U.S. ConstitutionEnvironmentalismMichael S. Coffman, Ph.D., and Terry Canady"The Truth as I See It"
XGay Agenda in Public EducationHomosexualityTy & Jeannette Beeson35 MinsA Multi-Media Resource Center Phone 1-800-462-4700
XVictory Builder Image VideoFellowship of Christian Athletes
XAmerican Investigative Reports - NEA Abuse of PowerPower (Abuse of)Sponsored by LifeLine - 1-800-311-241832:00Copyright 1997 AIR, & API
XAmerican The Vulnerable: Presented by The Center for Security PolicyDefense14 Min,48 SecsFor more info, call 202-466-0515
XTextbook Committee Questions to PublicEducationMurfee Gewin
CNN Special on Y2KWorld View1 Hr.
Incredible Power of Prayer Vol. 1, TheWorld ViewExec. Producers Thom & Joani Schultzapprox. 35 MinDist. by Group Productions, P.O. Box 508, Loveland, CO 80539
Incredible Power of Prayer - Vol. 2, TheWorld ViewExec. Producers Thom & Joani Schultzapprox. 35 Min.Dist. by Group Productions, P.O. Box 508, Loveland, CO 80539
XUnited Nations: A Look Into The Future theGlobalismRep. Ron Paul, John F. McManus, Dr. Michael Coffman,etc.30 Min.The John Birch Society - American Opinion Book Services, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913
XLimited Learning for Lifelong LaborEducation80 Min.Parents Coalition of Texas, P.O. Box 445, Colleyville, TX 76034, http://www,cowtown.net/pct.
XRestructuring of AmericaHealthJeanette WansingLife's Silver Linings, P.O. Box 971, St. Louis, MO 63032
XBig Brother Via Technology in The Schools, Health Centers and The WorkplaceRoxanne PettewayRoxanne Petteway, Parents In Control, Inc., 18760 E. Amar Road, #112, Walnut, CA 91789-4169, Office:: 909-696-0853 'Office: 909-696-0853; Fax: 626-854-9778; E-Mail: rpetteway@juno.com
XAlabama Textbook DisclaimerEducationNorris Anderson and Stephanie Bell
XReturning to Our Godly HeritageU.S. HistoryRev. Robert Vanden BoschDirector, Concerned Christian Americans & Ass. Pastor Quentin Road Bible Church
XInjustice for All: The International Criminal CourtGlobalismWilliam Norman Grigg/John Birch Society25 MinP. O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913 920-749-3783
XFor the Record: Something's Wrong in AlabamaElectionsThe Honest Elections Coalition - 1997
XConstitutional GovernmentConstitutionGov. Fob James (Tape #13B)Inovative Conference Productions Ltd.
XHank Irwin interviews Gary Aldrich on President ClintonGovernmentGary Aldrich
XShift from Absolutes to Relativism in, The Popular ThinkingWorld ViewMary Glynn PeeplesFirst Presbyterian Church, Dothan, AL
American Investigative Reports: The NEA Abuse of PowerEducationSponsored by Lifeline1-800-311-2418
XCrisis in the Classroom & Grassroots Opposition/Hidden AgendasEducationGeorge Allen, Dick Armey, Fob James,Thomas Sowell58 Min.Hosted by Phyllis Schlafly, Produced by Eagle Forum, P. O. Box 618, Alton, IL 62002
XEagle Forum CollegiansEagle Forum
XFor the Record: Testing ScoresEducationA Production of Alabama Public Television - 1255 Madison Ave., Mont'y, AL 36107 Right to Read Foundation
XFor the Record: Richardson Call-InEducationAL Supt. Of Ed. Ed RichardsonA Production of Alabama Public Televison
XBreaking the CODEEducationThe Right to Read Foundation
XTraditional-Transformational OBE/TQM/STWEducationInstitution for Authority Research 5436 S. Boston Pl. Tulsa, OK 74105
Political Correctness - The Dirty Little SecretPolitical CorrectnessFree Congress Foundation 1-800-638-0660
XSuffer The Children: Answering the Homosexual Agenda in Public SchoolsHomosexualityAmerican Family Association
XDarwinism: Symposium DebateScience Phillip E. Johnson, J. D. vs. Michael E. Ruse, Ph.D.Foundation for Thought & Ethics, P. O. Box 83072, Richardson, TX 75083-0721
X"Retarding America-The Imprisonment of Potential"EducationU. S. Dept. of Justice28-1/2 MCDR Communications, Inc., 9310-B Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke, VA 22015
XMORE THAN A RIGHT. The Right to Keep & Bear Arms.Second Amendment30 Mins.American Awareness - AA, 7680 Wayland Rd., Loomis, CA 95650
XFor the Record: Character EducationEducation30 Mins.
XHow Psychiatry & Hi-Tech Marketing Are 'Reforming' EducationEducationBeverly Eakman2 Separate Items, 1 Video and 1 Audio. (Together with a rubber band.)
XIMMIGRATION BY NUMBERSImmigrationRoy Beck24 Mins.The Social Contract Press, 316-1/2 E. Mitchell St., Petoskey, MI 49770 (To Order More Tapes: 1-800-352-4843)
XANCIENT EMPIRES: Witnesses for CreationScienceJohn EidsmoeTeacher at Jones School of Law, Faulkner Univ., 5345 Atlanta Hwy., Montgomery, AL 36193-4601
XSummit MinistriesWorld ViewDr. David A. Noebel14 Mins.Training Servant Leaders. Summit Ministries, P. O. Box 207, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Clergy in the Classroom-The Religion of Secular HumanismEducationDr. David A. Noebel40 Mins.J. F. Baldwin & Kevin Bywater - Summit Ministries, P. O. Box 207, Manitou Springs, CO 80829-Ph. #: (719)685-9103
VACCINES: The Other Side of the StoryHealth30 Mins.The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), 512 W. Maple Ave., #206, Vienna, VA 22180-Ph.#: 1-800-909-SHOT - Email: http://www.909shot.com (This is a true story of a baby named Adam who died after having a DPT shot.)
X20/20 - DEATH EDUCATIONEducationTara Becker1 Hr,40 MDeath Education Expose with Tara Becker and Family. (Produced by Colorado Eagle Forum for Research and Education Purposes ONLY. NOT FOR SALE, BROADCAST OR PUBLIC EXHIBITION).
XFOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKSConstitutionA c-span debate on Peurto Rican Statehood-ENGLISH FIRST FOUNDATION, 8001 Forbes Pl., Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151 - 1-888-MELTPOT (Toll Free).
XTERM LIMITS-A Threat to Our ConstitutionPoliticsDon Fotheringham38 Mins.THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. Written & Narrated by Don Fotheringham.) To order additional copies or make inquiries: AMERICAN OPINION BOOK SERVICES, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913-Ph. #: 414/749-3783
TRIMMING BIG GOVERNMENTGovernment27 Mins.Why we must dismantle the federal welfare state in America - and HOW we can do it. TRIM, P. O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913 - Ph.#: 414-749-3780.
TRIBUTE TO Phyllis SchlaflyEagle Forum5 Mins.Eagle Forum, Alton, IL 62002 - A tribute to Phyllis Schlafly in song.
XBROKEN VOWS-America's Secret CrisisU.S. HistoryActor, Sam Jones45 Mins.Cutting Edge Films - The Word for Today, 3000 W. MacArthur Blvd.-3rd Flr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 - A White Wings Production. 1-800-272-9673 - Breaks the myths that surround America's history and reveals the truth about 5 major issues.
XReligion of Secular Humanism, TheEducation40 Mins.Clergy in the Classroom. This video examines weight of evidence supporting the fact that secular humanism is a religion and the dominant worldview taught in public schools today.
XGuiding HAND, TheEducation21 Mins.Interviews with parents, students and teachers of Clinton's outcome-based education Governor's school in Arkansas expose the Clinton agenda (radical homosexuality, socialism, abortion, eastern philosophy and communism.
XGrasping for the WindHistoryJohn Whitehead, Author, Attorney221 Mins.A 7-Part series where John Whitehead explores humanity's search for meaning over the last 200 years through the works of Western philosophers, writers, artists, filmmakers, politicians and musicians.
XFetal Tissue Marketing. A Covert Investigation.AbortionLife Dynamics, Inc.15 Mins.Mark Crutcher documents order/sale of baby body parts. Life Dynamics, Inc., P.O. Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202 - (940/380-8800)
XWHEN HELL WAS IN SESSIONCommunismAdmiral Jeremiah DentonThis is a video taken of Jeremiah Denton as he speaks to EAGLE COUNCIL XXVIII in Sept. '99. It is about his life as a POW during the Vietnam war. He also has a book out entitled When Hell Was In Session.
INCREDIBLE POWER OF PRAYER-Vol. I-The Power of Prayer, THEU.S. HistoryHost, Richard Blair35 Mins.A present day father sharing his experience involving daughter's illness. Then tells how America's early explorers/pioneers swept away disaster through the power of prayer.
INCREDIBLE POWER OF PRAYER-Vol. II, In God We Trust, THEU.S. HistoryHost, Richard Blair35 Mins.Watch how the United States was founded on prayer . . And, discover how praying Christians have changed history.
INCREDIBLE POWER OF PRAYER-Vol. III, Miraculous Answers, THEU.S. HistoryHost, Richard Blair31 Mins.Witness how prayer-based great awakenings have swept away moral and spiritual decline that has crippled America.
INCREDIBLE POWER OF PRAYER-Vol. IV, One Nation Under God, THEU.S. HistoryHost, Richard Blair31 Mins.Discover how our nation's historical sites and monuments reflect our Christian heritage and reliance on prayer!
XTom Hanks presents Return With HonorCommunismTom Hanks102 Mins.Interviews with Vietnam POW's Adm. Jeremiah Denton, Adm. James Stockdale, Rep. Sam Johnson & a dozen others who endured years of captivity. They were American fighter pilots shot down over N. Vietnam. A "Must see" featuring brave men who did return.
XVictory In Spite of All Terror History120 Mins.America stands at crossroads of history! Our future is at stake! Will we honor our centuries old covenant or turn our backs on destiny? Join these great Americans, Pat Robertson, Rev. Charles Stanley, etc., in the struggle to arouse/rekindle our mission.
Police State 2000Judiciary120 Mins.
WACO: A New RevelationJudiciaryNarrated by Dr. F. Whitehurst, a former FBI Agent.110 Mins.A documentary. Film triggered a new congressional investigation of the Waco tragedy & caused Justice Dept. & FBI to reverse their long-held positions on Waco. The complete story of the tragedy near Waco.
XCarolyn Pitman - For the RecordEducationCarolyn Pitman30 Mins.School nurses in Alabama.
XLOTTERY - CATV-2, Today on TwoGamblingEunie Smith and Betty Bostwick30 Mins.Interview at Channel CATV-2, Cullman, AL with Eunie Smith and Betty Bostwick on 9/14/99 before election in October, 1999 in RE to Lottery.
XGAMBLING: Phenix City DocumentaryGamblingUAB-Public TV30 Mins.UAB of Alabama Center for Public TV - 1988.
XAll They That Hate MeAbortionDr. D. James Kennedy59 Mins.Sermon given by Dr. D. James Kennedy on 2/13/00.
America Destroyed by Design
XEPC 1999: Bioethics and Respect for LifeEthicsDr. Nigel Cameron40 Mins.Topic of speech given at EAGLE COUNCIL XXVIII, Sept. 23-25, 1999 in St. Louis, Missouri.
XMaking Sense Out of Public Opinion PollsPoliticsKellyanne Fitzpatrick1 Hr,24 Mins.Topic of speech given at EAGLE COUNCIL XXVIII, Sept. 23-25, 1999 in St. Louis, Missouri.
XWhat's Wrong With Evolution?ScienceDr. Phillip E. Johnson1 Hr,17 Mins.Topic of speech given at EAGLE COUNCIL XXVIII, Sept. 23-25, 1999 in St. Louis, Missouri.
XKeyes Campaign RallyPoliticsAmbassador Alan Keyes1 Hr,31 Mins.Alan Keyes speaks about governmental power, the constitution & the principles of self-gov't used by the founders & how recent political issues have gone counter to them. Issues addressed: education, gun control & the state of American morality.
XSpiritual Heritage of the U.S. Capitol, TheU.S. HistoryDavid Barton1HrInspiring heroes and events commemorated in the U.S. Capitol building
XEPC 2000: Attempts by Congress Toward a Solution-How Congressional Staffs WorkSchool to WorkAtty. M. Bachmann & D. Mesecar44 Mins.Educational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO 14153 Clayton Road 63017 (314) 394-0611
XEPC 2000: Ignorance & Incivility at America's Colleges & UniversitiesEducationDr. Alan Kors1 Hr.,13 Mins.Educational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XTruth About Baby Body Parts Trafficking, TheAbortion16 mins.Coral Ridge Ministries, Box 40, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302 /800-229-9673
XBuilding Cities of CharacterGovernment10 Mins.Institute in Basic Life Principles, Box 1, Oak Brook, Illinois 60522-3001
XFaith & FreedomU.S. HistoryBenjamin Hart60 Mins. Video traces intellectual roots of America from England to Holland and across the sea, documenting Christian beliefs and deeds of a brave few men.
XEPC 2000: How Teachers & Parents Can Take Control/Science Can Lead the Way/ The Past a Necessary Counselor in the Present/History CurriculumEducationDr. Margaret Meeker/Keas/Baker/Brezina1hr39minEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XEPC 2000: Computers & ViolenceViolenceLt. Col. Dave Grossman1hr27minEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XBeware of Art.icle V: Understanding Legislators' Limited Federal PowerCon ConDetweiler46min
XEPC 2000: Zap Me! Computers in the ClassroomPornographyPat Ellis, Donna Rice Hughes1hr10minEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XEPC 2000: The Family Under AttackFamilyMichael Medved1hr2minEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XEPC 2000: Mapping Your MessageSpeakingGenevieve Wood1hr1minEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XEPC 2000: NAEP Mistake, The Michigan Tests & StandardsEducationDick Innes, Rep. Harold Voorhees, Hon. Kathy Wilmot1hrEducational Policy Conf. 11, 3/16-3/18, 2000 - St. Louis, MO
XUntold Stories of Columbine: Rachel Scott StoryViolenceDarrell Scott ( Rachel Joy Scott's dad)80minThe true story of Rachel Joy Scott's life-giving testimony. A student whose merciless murder has sparked other young people to take a stand for Christ.
XRegulations: Psychotherapeutic TechniquesEducationEunie Smith & Joan Kendall37 min.Regulation: Psychotherapeutic Techniques
XFor the Good of All: Land RightsProperty Rights 56 mins.1983 Frontline Documentary re; Fed. Park destroying community of 500 homes in OH
XEDUCATIONAL CHOICE (A Nat'l. Movement w/ MomentumEducation9minCEO Foundation, 8122 Datapoint, Suite 910, San Antonio, TX 78229 (210) 614-0037
XChildren in the Web: Sex Education in Mass.EducationSex Education in Massachusetts
XVanishing Freedom: Who Owns America?Freedom1 hr. 43 mins.
XVoice of the Martyrs, ThePersecution4minThe Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005 (918) 337-8015
Constitutional Threats From Executive Orders, TheConstitutionKent Snyder1hr20minEF0020V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA,
XHow to Lobby Eagle Forum's Legislative AgendaEducationJanine Hansen2hr20minEF0011V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA,
XHow to Elect Good CandidatesEducationSandy McDade2hr33minEF0012V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA,
XHow to Build an Effective Eagle ForumEagle ForumGayle Ruzicka, Chairman2hr32minEF0013V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA
XProblem of the DOE/Controlling the Classroom Economy/War Against BoysEducationCharlotte Iserbyt, Rep. Bob Schaffer, Christina Hoff Sommers55minEF0016V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA
XRebuilding the Conservative MovementEducationPhyllis Schlafly59minEF0022V - Eagle Council XXIX, Sept. 8-9, 2000, Arlington, VA
XLife Is SacredEducationManitou Motion Pictures6minFocus on the Family Films, P.O. Box 9800, Sta. Terminal, Vancouver BC V6 4G3
XMaking of LEFT BEHIND, the Movie, TheWorld ViewJanaya (Chloe Steele)30minCloud Ten Pictures 2000, Made in Canada; http://www.cloudtenpictures.com; http://www.leftbehind-themovie.com
XFor the Record: TestingEducationMargaret Brown/Dr. Richard Kunke;
IMMIGRATION BY NUMBERSImmigrationHosted by Roy Beck24minThe Social Contract Press, 316-1/2 E. Mitchell St., Petoskey, MI 49770 (1-800-352-4843)
XChildren of Table 34, TheHealthIntro.by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.30minThe true story behind Alfred Kinsey's Family Research Council, 700 13th St., SW, Suite 500, Washington DC 20005
XEPC 2001: School-to-Work & Its Pieces/Not These Tests!/ Assessment FaçadeEducationSen. M. Bachmann, Dr. Richard Innes, Hon. Kathy Wilmot1hr14minCN0ll2V-Educational Policy Conf 12,14153 Clayton Rd., Town & Country 63017, 636-394-0611; fax 636-394-9381
Eagle Forum Conference ConstitutionConstitutionRet'd 02/06 Previously uncatalogued ljo Number on box not used in master list before ??
Bulletproof?ViolenceNeighbors Who Care28minA tool to equip young people to battle violence in their communities.
At The Edge48minFranklin Films, P.O.Box 16079, Washington DC 20042, (703)904-7311
XEagle Forum Conference 2-23-01/Various/UN/ State ConstitutionEagle ForumLamb/Adams/Brown/Eidsmoe/Spratling/Gaines/Rogers1hr30min
XBill Clinton's Rise to PowerGovernment100minExamines the unseen life of Bill Clinton
XLost Children of Rockdale Co,, GA, TheHealth124 mins.PBS Frontline Special-sexual activity permeates suburbia
XLet My Children Go: Exposing Decline of Public SchoolsEducation45minExposes America's Schools
XSecret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles Ch.4-TXEducationTim Tate
XDivorce: Whatever happened to Marriage?FamiliesJohn Eldredge24minFocus on the Family Hot Topics; Gives statistics and answers to serious questions
XHomosexuality: Created Different? Focus on the FamilyHomosexualityJohn Eldredge27minDeals honestly & compassionately w/ homosexuality
Suicide: Not Worth Living?SuicideJohn Eldredge26minAnswers questions re: physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia
XSudan's Scorched EarthWorld ConflictBrad Phillips14minAfrican field report by Persecution Ptoject Foundation
The American VillageEducationPam Huff15minInformation on American Village tour, Montevallo, Al
Final Countdown to UN World Government, TheGovernmentDr Michael Coffman2hr30min
XWhy Johnny Can't Work John Prentis & Donna HearneEducationJohn Prentis- host,interviews Donna Hearne60minThe Constitutional Coalition
XDiscover Intensive Phonics Method OverviewEducationHEC Reading Horizons, 3471 So. 550 West, Bountiful UT 84010 1-800-333-0054
XGOOD CONDUCT, The Story of Michael NewMilitaryAffirms the correctness of Michael New's stand for the Constitution and the courage required to take that stand
XUN Global Deception: Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.GlobalismKelly O'Ryan, Dr. Michael Coffman1hrOn the Mainely Unspoken Show, Dr. Michael Coffman explains why the emerging world government agenda is dangerous to all people
XPhonics ...BUT was Rejected by AdministratorsEducationJohn Winston, PHD26 min.
XFinal Countdown to UN World GovernmentGovernmentMichael Coffman2hr30minCoffman uses actual UN, EU, & US documents to show how globalists have brought us to the brink of world government
XWorld Domination 2000/ Dr. Michael CoffmanGovernmentMichael Coffman2hr30minCoffman discusses the new world order including a World Taxing Authority, a World Army, disarming all nations,, installation of a World Court and more.
XSouthern Girls Convention Feminism/ For the RecordFeminismBecky Robertson30min
XThe Triumph of Design and the Demise of DarwinScienceWoody Cozad, features Phillip JohnsonTo order 1-800-804-5434 or http://www.triumphofdesign.com
XThe Conquest of Aztlan, part III of Immigration: Threatening the bonds of Our UnionImmigrationGlenn Spencer, American Patrol48 min
The Growing Threat of a National ID CardGovernmentTom DeWeeseAn Interview With Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, 13873 Park Center Road, Suite 316, Herndon,Virginia 20171, Ph. 703-925-0881 http://www.americanpolicy.org
XHarry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged - Making Evil Look InnocentEducationRobert S. McGee &Caryl Matrisicana66 mins.Jeremiah Films, Inc., P.O. Box 1710, Hemet, CA 92546 1-800-828-2290
XJoy In Our Town #080101B WTJP TV60EducationEunie SmithWTJP TV60 Gadsden, ALEunie Smith, Alabama Eagle Forum, #080101B
XOil-Fueled Genocide: Africa Field ReportGovernmentPersecution Project Foundation15 mins.Persecution Project Foundation. P.O. Box 102. Warrentown, VA 22188 http://www.persecutionproject.org 888-201-5245
XChannel One - A Scandal in Alabama Schools-Obligation, Inc.EducationObligation, Inc.16 minObligation, Inc., 3100 Lorna Road, Suite 311, Bham, AL 35216 http://www.obligation.org
Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union/ Part III Conquest of AztlanImmigrationVoice of Citizens Together/48 minVoice of Citizens Together/American Patrol 818-501-2061 13547 Ventura Blvd. Ste 163 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 http://www.americanpatrol.com
Judicial Watch - Peter Paul Press Conference, June 20, 2001, Los Angeles, CAGovernmentJudicial Watch Peter PaulJudicial Watch Peter Paul Press Conference
For the Record: Ten CommandmentsWorld ViewJohn Eidsmoe20 min
X Constitution Conv./, Biology Insert / Eunie SmithEagle ForumEunie Smith30 minTV60, Gadsden, AL
XFor the Record: Pam Baker & Dr. A. BaumeisterDay Care Com. Pam Baker & Dr. A. Baumeister30 min
XSay-So Video, L.E.A.R.N., Inc.EducationSay-So Video L.E.A.R.N., Inc.Say-So Video, L.E.A.R.N., Inc., http://www.learning.org 757-495-0720
XSen. Jeff Sessions' Remarks to Alabama Eagle ForumEagle ForumSenator Jeff Sessions15 min.Senator Jeff Sessions Remarks to Alabama Eagle Forum/ 11-14-2001
XTHE HANK ERWIN SHOW, October 12, 1993Hank ErwinTHE HANK ERWIN SHOW, October 12, 1993
XAlabama Citizens for Constitutional ReformGovernment
XCOLUMBINE: What Went Wrong?EducationJayne Schindler60 MinColorado Eagle Education Fund/ 1-800-726-8096
XAlabama Biology Textbook InsertEducationChannel 13 News2 min
EPC: Icons of EvolutionEducationDr. Jonathan Wells45 Mins.Education Policy Conference
EPC: Restructuring of America: the New Federal CurriculumEducationDr. Allen Quist60 minEducation Policy Conference
IMMIGRATION By The NumbersImmigrationRoy Beck16 MinRoy Beck's demonstration of the population consequences of current U.S. immigration policies. Ideal for group programs. To order more tapes call 1-877-885-7733 or write to:
XAccuracy Versus Revisionism in American History: Controversial Questions about Thomas JeffersonHistoryCatherine Millard24 MinDistributed by CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS, INC., 6597 Forest Dew Court, Springfield, VA 22152; Phone 703-455-0333; http://www.christianheritagetours.com
X Accuracy versus Revisionism in American History:A. LincolnHistoryCatherine Millard43 MinDistributed by CHRISTIAN HERITAGE TOURS, INC., 6597 Forest Dew Court, Springfield, VA 22152; Phone 703-455-0333; http://www.christianheritagetours.com
XEPC 13, January 24-26, 2002 Dr. Jonathan Wells, Holgate, Dr. Scott LivelyEducationDr. Jonathan Wells, Karen Holgate/ S. Lively4 hrs.CN0203 RT:2:13:32 - 11131 South Towne Square, Suite D, St. Louis, MO 63123, 314-487-0135
XEPC 13, Jan. 24, 2002 The Hon. Allen QuistEducationHon. Allen QuistRestructuring America: New Federal Regulations
XEPC 13 Jan. 24, 2002 Sen. Michelle Bachman, Dr. Karen EffremEducationSen. M. Bachman; Dr. K. Efrem1:53:40CN0203 RT:2:13:32 - 11131 South Towne Square, Suite D, St. Louis, MO 63123,
Constitution Panel 33/40, 1-26-02Government33/40 CN0205
Winning AttitudesWorld ViewDr. Waitley
How Shall We Then Live?World ViewCharles Colson & Nancy PearceyIdeas of Darwin, Descartes, Marx, and others are brought to life as Tommy Kemp, the average teenager, finds himself in a battle of worldviews.
Comments About Eagle Forum of AlabamaEagle ForumSenator Jeff SessionsComments about Eagle Forum of Alabama by Senator Jeff Sessions - 11/2001 - Bimingham Repeats
XDawn of Our Nation - The Day of Lexington & ConcordU.S. HistoryEffrem Zimbalist, Jr.45 MinFirst hour in a TV mini-series recording the founders era from 1761-1791. Based on the journals of Benjamin Hart, played by Effrem Zimbalist, Jr., who as a cub reporter for the Philadephia Gazette interviewed Patriots
XAccuracy versus Revisionism in American HistoryHeroes of Civil WarHistoryCatherine Millard43 MinDistributed by Christian Heritage Tours, Inc., 6597 Forest Dew Court, Springfield, VA 22152; (703) 455-0333; http://www.christianheritagetours.com
XCONSTITUTIONAL REFORM - APT - 4/1/02GovernmentSmith/Eidsmoe/McAnnally/BennettAPT - Panel on Rewriting the Alabama State Constitution
XOKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING - Investigative Evidence/ Jayna DavisGovernmentJayna Davis, Reporter2 hrs.Investigative Evidence Mid-Eastern Complicity - KFOR-TV 1995 REPORTS
XOKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING - FOX NEWS - Jayna DavisGovernmentJohn Gibson/Jayna Davis Coverage of Mideastern Complicity in Oklahoma City Bombing
XGubernatorial Forum - 2002 Auburn Univ. SGAGovernmentAuburn Student Govt AssnGubernatorial Forum, Feb. 18, 2002, Auburn University Student Government Association
XThe Demise of the Constitution/Report on U.N./ Joan VeonGovernmentJoan Veon78 mins.A Report on the United Nations Millennium Summit by Joan Veon
XIt's Not Gay - Former homosexuals tell a story few have heard.HomosexualityProduced by American Family AssociationWARNING: This video contains medically explicity content. It is not recommended for children under 12.www.afa.net
Icons of EvolutionScienceColdWater Media, LLC51 MinsColdWater Media, LLC, General Palmer Drive, P.O. Box 400. Palmer Lake, CO 80133 http://www.coldwatermedia.com
Unlocking the Mystery of LifeScienceProduced by Illustra Media65 MinsTells the story of congtemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful but controversial idea--the theory of intelligent design.
The United Nations Threat to American Sovereignty - Part 1GovernmentThe Christian Alert NetworkThe United Nations Threat to American Sovereignty - Part 1 - The Christian Alert Network, PO Box 11746, Killeen TX 76547
The United Nations Threat to American Sovereignty - Part 2GovernmentThe Christian Alert NetworkThe UnitedNations Threat to American Sovereignty- Part 2 -The Christian Alert Network P. O. Box 11746 Killeen, TX 76547
VouchersEducationGiles/RichardsonGiles/Richardson debate on vouchers?
Joy In Our Town - #022803GovernmentEunie Smith, Bill Gray30 MinsTen Commandments Monument - February 2003
CSPAN2 - 3 Hour Interview on BooksEducationPhyllis Schlafly3 Hours3 Hour Interview on Books - Phyllis Schlafly - C-Span, Jan. 5, 2003
XThe Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil GovernmentGovernmentDavid Barton/ WallbuildersThe truths about the efforts of Christians such as Roger Sherman & Chas. Thompson & pastors such as Samuel Cooper and the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mayhew. Examine the Biblical teachings that caused generations of Christians to believe it was their duty to be involved with government.. Discover how the actions of a few dedicated Christians changed the course of a nation. http://www.wallbuilders.com
X20 Armed Officers Raid Christian Boarding SchoolGovernmentGovernment20 mins.20 Armed Officers Raid Christian Boarding School, Liberty Bell Press, P.O. Box 32, Florissant, MO 63032
XChristian Coalition of AlabamaGovernmentChristian Coalition of Alabama15 mins.Christian Coalition of Alabama, 500 Adams Avenue, Suite8, Montgomery, AL 36104 http://www.ccbama.org
XAmerica's Censored HeritageU.S. HistoryMichael Chapman2 hoursComparing his unique rare books collection with current texts, Michael proves how widespread anti-Christian bias is.
XGuinea Pig KidsEducationMichael Chapman - Michele Bachman2 hrs.The Truth behind Minnesota's New Education, Workforce, & Economic Plannning System
XHistory of American Education:Scholars to Worker Bees, V. ShatzerEducationVaughn Shatzer2 hrs.From Harvard Scholars to Worker Bees of the New World Order
XBehind the Big News- Disturbing Cover-UpMediaJBS Video59 min.The Most Disturbing
XIndoctrinating Our Youth in Earth WorshipEducationWilliam F. Jasper22 min.
XDavid Benoit Exposes Violence in Rock MusicEducationDavid Benoit85 MinsDavid Benoit Exposes Violence in Rock Music - (www.gloryministries.com)
XDavid Benoit Exposes Occultic Tendencies in Rock MusicEducationDavid Benoit85 MinsDavid Benoit Exposes Occultic Tendencies in Rock Music - http://www.glory ministries.com
XEntertaining Spirits Unaware- David BenoitEducationDavid Benoit 2 hrs.Session I - Spiritual Warfare in the Home (43 Min.); Session II - Nine Forbidden Practices 1 (39 Min.); Session III - Nine Forbidden Practices 2 (45 Min.); Session IV - Nine Forbidden Practices 3 (46 Min.) Session V - The Making of Village Children (46 min.)
XEntertaining Spirits Unaware- David BenoitEducationDavid Benoit1hr. 32 mins.
XFor the Record, - Justice Roy Moore 7/19/2003JudiciaryJustice Roy Moore
Jeb Bush - Hannity & Colmes, 5/30/2003GovernmentJeb Bush Videotape Distribution Provided by Federal Document Clearing House, Inc., 4200 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706. Additional copies can be ordered 1- 888-443-6988. Copyright 2000 foxnews Inc,
XSusan Pace Hamill/Paul Cleveland - For the RecordGovernmentSusan Pace Hamill/ Paul Cleveland
XThe New Profile of Learning: Just Say "NO!" - Tape 2/ various topicsEducationDr. Karen Effrem, Sen. Michele BachmannProfile for Preschoolers Preschoolers - Dr. Karen Effrem - Review of Global and Federal Baby Ed Policy National Baby Ed Standards Curriculum Disasters Preschool Screening, http://www.edwatch.org
XAn Epidemic is Killing Teens!Teen Sex Dr. Meg Meeker/Tara BollingerSTD Expert and Miss Missouri / Miss USA
XWe have Traveled a Crooked Path - Justice Roy MooreJudiciaryChief Justice Roy MooreJentezen Franklin - Free Chapel
XAfrica Field Report - Forced to Flee- Persecution ProjectPersecutionA Persecution Project Production Persecution Project Foundation P. O. Box 102 Warrenton, VA 20188-0102 1-888-201-5245 http://www.persecutionproject.org Attn: Brad Phillips P. O. Box 1327 Culpeper, VA. 22701-1327
The Media Wise Family I and IIMediaDr. Ted BaehrThe media always has a message, media wisdom is essential
The Media Wise Family III and IVMediaThe North American Mission Board, SBC/Family Network, 1-800-899-6684
XPatriots and Pioneers The Story of the Tuskegee AirmenHistoryAlabama Power Company58 mins.k-12 curriculum about the impact of the Tuskegee Airmen and their impact during WWII
XOVERRULED: Am.'s "Robed Rulers" & Their Threat to LibertyJudiciaryD.James Kennedy, Roy Moore, Ed Meese, Robert Bork60 minAmerica's "Robed Rulers" and their threat to liberty http://www.coralridge.org
XWomen's Perspectives w/ Maree Blackwell & Eunie SmithMultiple
XOur Birthright - preproduction edition OB-#26U.S. HistoryCandlestick Productions, 1096 Beaver Dam Road, Tony, AL 35773 phone 256-533-4455
XBiblical Basis for the Declaration of Independence & ConstitutionConstitutionJohn Stormer60 minEvidence of scripture in Declaration of Independence and Constitution Liberty Bell Press P. O. Box 32 Florisant, MO 63032
XCourt of the Judiciary Case No. 33 In the Matter of: Roy S. Moore Tape 1 of 2GovernmentRoy S. Moore2 tape set
XThe LAW of the LAND - Chief Justice Moore's Message to AmericaGovernmentRoy S. Moore/Alan Keyes/Howard Phillips109 MinVision Forum Films - DVD- Special visit to the Monument with Institute on the Constitution's Michael Peroutka; Exclusive Coverage of Alabama Monument Rally; Speeches by Chief Justice Moore, Alan Keyes, and Howard Phillips; Interview with Chief Justice Moore in His Judicial Chambers
XTo Restore the Republic GovernmentRoy S. MooreInstitute on the Constitution - "Restoring the Moral Foundation of Law"
XMedia-Wise Family Tool KitMediaTed BaehrKeep your family media wise/ Reviewer suggests not for under 12 yrs of age.
XIn The Name of Prosperity: The Free Trade Area of the AmericasEconomicsJohn Birch Society21 minAmerican Opinion Book Services. P.O.Box 840 Appleton, WI 54912 Advocates of Free Trade of the Americas
Understanding the Times: The Biblical Christian Worldview 1 & 2WorldviewSummit Ministries34 & 30Biblical Christian Worldview
Understanding the Times: The Cosmic Humanist Worldview 1 & 2WorldviewSummit Ministries29 & 35Cosmic Humanist Worldview
Understanding the Times: Marxist-Leninist Worldview 1 &2WorldviewSummit Ministries30 & 30Marxist-Leninist Worldview
Understanding the Times: Secular Humanist Worldview 1 & 2WorldviewSummit Ministries30 & 29Secular-Humanist Worldview
Gambling in Alabama 1999GamblingCitizens Against Legalized LotteryCALL P.O. Box 59219 B'ham. AL. 35259 205-879-6500
XGambling in Alabama 1999GamblingAlabama Family Alliancehttp://alabamafamily.org
XThe Asbury Revival 1970World View47 mins.
XA Question of Origins:Creatin vs. Evolution ControversyScienceCreation - Evolution Controversy63 mins.American Portrait Films, Inc. P. O. Box 809 Brunswick, Ohio 44212 1-800-736-4567
We the People. . . Nation's Capital TourConcerned Women for Amer.29 minA Tour of Washington's Monuments with Beverly LaHaye Concerned Women for America 122 C St. N.W., Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20001
XThe New Barbarians: Training Children to KillIslamCaryl Matrisciana60 minArab TV children's programming and religious ideology incites young Muslims toward hatred and violence
XI Do Exist: Is a Changed Life Possible?HomosexualityDr. Warren Throckmorton48 min.Documentary about homosexuals who have changed their identity to heterosexual. Rec. by Movieguide.
XLearning to ReadEducationDan Rather
XGoing to School to Work: Parents Involved in Education in Conjunction with TBN/The Plan: Human Resource Development - Parents Involved in EducationSchool to WorkTrinity Broadcasting Network
XWriting Road to ReadingEducationJohn E. WinstonNorthwestern State University of Louisiana
XUnfit to Lead: Viet Nam to Iraq The Truth about John KerryPoliticsJohn E. O'Neill28 min.Swift Boat Veterans on Kerry's Military Record and Subsequent Activities
XFor the Record: Immigrant WorkersImmigrationTony Petelos and others30 min
XRuss and Dee Fine show in BhamImmigrationErin Anderson
XFor the Record, 9/27/04John Giles22:30
XDAREEducationBryant Gumbel/Dr. William Coulson
XChristian Self-GovernmentGovernmentMike Cordner/The Pillar Foundation120 minThe Pillar Foundation 15820 Clayton Road Ellisville, MO 63011 (636) 386-7722
XTeen Eagle PresentationEagle ForumLaura Spencer/The Pillar FoundationThe Pillar Foundation 15820 Clayton Road Ellisville, MO 63011 (636) 386-7722
XThe American Covenant - The Untold StoryMayflower Institute52 minMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Providence Collection; The Providential Drama of History Vol. 1 U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall FosterMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Providence Collection; The Creation of Christendom Vol. 2U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall FosterMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Providence Collection: European Reformation Vol. 3U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall FosterMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Providence Collection: The Miracle of America Vol. 4U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall FosterMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Holy Cause of Liberty: History's Mysteries of Success Vol.1U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall Foster4-30minMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Holy Cause of Liberty: The Birth of American Freedom Vol.2U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall Foster5-30 min Mayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XThe Holy Cause of Liberty: Success for the New Millennium Vol.3U.S. HistoryDr. Marshall Foster4-30 minMayflower Institute PO Box 4673 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
XSocial Studies Textbook Adoption - APTEducationMargaret Brown
XKnow Your ConstitutionConstitutionJohn Eidsmoe, Lt. Colonel, USAF Ret.
X"The Chair"World ViewFrank Peretti75 min
X"The Challenge"World ViewFrank Peretti
XCTM - ImmigrationImmigration
XFederal Civics CurriculumEducationHon. Allen Quist
XTroy University Lecture SeriesDr. Wayne Flynt
XThe Roots of the Ultra Left: What They Really ThinkWorld View95 minLeadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program 1-800-827-LEAD
XA Nation Adrift: Standing at the Crossroads of America's DestinyWorld View93 minNew Liberty Videos
XThe Rules Have ChangedTeen SexMASE, Dr. Meg Meeker21 minConfronts and helps us understand medical facts to equip teens (STD epidemic)
XThe Great UN Gun DebateConstitutionWayne LaPierre vs. Rebecca Peters90 minLive from London in the Library of King's College
How to Lobby: 17 presentations by experienced volunteer lobbyistsLobbyingEagle Forum
XHere I Stand: A Biblical Worldview for a New Millennium - 12 partWorldviewDr. John Eidsmoe6 hrsAFLC Youth Ministries
XIn the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word & DeedPolitics110 min
XAmerica's Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development - EnvironmentalismDeWeese, Shaw, Coffman, Chapman, Eakman6 hrs.
XWilliam Wallace "Braveheart": Guarding Your God-given FreedomBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler61 minMantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders@mantle ministries.com
XPutting on the Whole Armor of GodBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler114 minMantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Complete Pilgrim AdventrueBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler160 minMantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XCaptured by IndiansBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler59 minMantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Battle of MonongahelaBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Fort StoryU.S. HistoryRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Battle of Long IslandU.S. HistoryRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Joseph Walker Story: Hell a Real PlaceBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
Kit Carson StoryBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XShowdown at the O.K. Corral: Lessons on IdolatryU.S. HistoryRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XSergeant York and the Great WarBiographyRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler54 minMantle Ministries/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller - orders/ http://www.mantleministries.com/ 830-438-3777
XThe Battle of TrentonU.S. HistoryRichard "Little Bear" Wheeler28 min.Mantle Ministires/ Historical retelling by costumed storyteller
XEd. For Sustainable Development: Its Threat to FreedomGlobalismMichael ChapmanEagle Forum of Alabama Leadership Conference XXIV
XX"Understanding the Times"WorldviewRobin Mears28 min.Alabama Christian Education Association
XChannel One News - January, 2005Education
XChannel One News - January 18 -21 & 24-28, 2005Education
XXLaw & JusticeJudiciaryEdwin Meese, III & Paul Pressler67CNP Action, Inc. McLean, Virginia - April 22-23, 2005
XXThe Real Reasons Why Public Education Is FailingEducationTom DeWeeseAmerican Policy Center/ http://www.americanpolicy.org
XThe Miracle of Our ConstitutionConstitutionPhyllis Schlafly35.18Speech recorded live at Community High School, Naples, FL March 18, 2005
How to Lobby: 17 presentations by experienced volunteer lobbyistsLobbying
Did you know...? (Pregnancy & Birth control methods) with bookletHealth30 minAla. Dept o Public Health as required by Act #2002-419 enacted by the Ala Legislature
XPhyllis Schlafly Debate on ERA with Sissy FarentholdConstitutionP. Schlalfly/Betty Lee/ others1 hrVideo archives/ PBS Special/ WAPI- TV Birmingham, AL
For the Record: Gov Bob Riley Cabinet MtgGovernmentBob Riley
Joy in Our Town - 2 segmentsDon McDonaldWTJP TV 60 Gadsden, AL
XEngaging Popular Culture: Worldviews in Movies & MusicWorld ViewChuck EdwardsSummit Ministries
XThe Triumph of Design & the Demise of DarwinSciencePhillip JohnsonJack Cashill
X*The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the UniverseScience1 hrIllustra Media
X*Unlocking the Mystery of LifeScience65 minIllustra Media
The Politcally Incorrect Guide to ScienceScienceTom BethellRegnery Publishing House
Sheriff Mike Hale on Sweepstakes Gambling RaidGamblingMike Hale12/22/2005
XFour Centuries of American EducationEducationDavid BartonReligion, morality, and knowledge were the 3 essential elements of education for 4 centuries
X*Where Does the Evidence Lead? Exploring the Theory of Intelligent DesignScience60 minIllustra Media / 6 10-minute segments
2 X*Education for Sustainable Tyranny: The UN Agenda for America's ChildrenEducationMichael Chapman1:53American Heritage Research
X*Sexual Orientation: Is Change Possible?HomosexualityDr. Warren Throckmorton/ Spitzer/ Yarhouse29 min. Carolina Maud Publishing - Respectandthefacts.com
XStudent Data: Helpful or Harmful?EducationWilmot/ EberspacherProtection of Education Rights Council
XEPC 17: Michael Reagan - Virtue and the Reagan WayReaganMichael ReaganEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Does 2 + 2 Equal 5? / The Math SnatchersEducationAllen Quist/ Air Force Prof. Barry FaginEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Teaching Sexuality Properly & Why It Matters/ Checking Comprehensive Sex Education in MarylandEducationDr. Warren Throckmorton/ Michelle TurnerEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Video Game Violence - More Columbines on the Way?/Home Invasion-Protecting Your Family in a Culture That's EPC 17: Gone Stark raving MadViolenceJack Thompson/ Rebecca HagelinEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: The Intelligent Design/ Evolution Battle-Why It Matters/ How to Reclaim America's Moral Roots in the Public SquareScienceWoody Cozad/Matt StaverEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17:The Neglected Consequences of Adolescent Sexual Activity/ Legislative Solutions to Save KidsHealthDr. David Hager/ Sen. John LoudonEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: How Texas St. Bd Is Successfully Protecting Children/ Govt's Student Data Collection/ Choice in Education/ Reading: Why & How America's Colonial Literacy was ImportantEducationT. Leo/ K. Wilmot/ Eberspacher/ M Duggan/ L. Schrock TaylorEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Revealing Deeper Truths - C.S. Lewis & the State of the ChurchBiographyDr. Ted BaehrEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: One Mom's Fight vs. the Educrats/ Cultural Fraud & Its Classroom Consequences/ A History Teacher's Story of the Lost CurriculumEducationRhodora Barton/Jack Cashill/ Joe EngeEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Federal Curriculum Is Slanting the Constitution/ A Patriot's History Text of the U.S.ConstitutionAllen Quist/ Dr. Larry SchweikartEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: John Witherspoon: One Godly Man's Profound Impact on America/ The Constitution and the Federalist Papers/ EPC 17: Two Pieces of Information Critical to Understanding Our ConstitutionHistoryDr. J. Willson/Prof. W. Allen/ J StormerEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: George Washington: How His Character Gave Us a Free Nation/ The Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary Principles of Free SocietyHistoryDr. J. Willson/Prof. T. KrannawitterEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: What Is Behind Separation of Church & State/ The Moral Basis of OriginalismConstitutionDee Wampler/Dr. David ForteEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XEPC 17: Charting America's Course from the Light of Our Past/ Reclaiming America's National TreasureAmerican Christian HeritageCong. Todd Akin/Michael ChapmanEducational Policy Conf. 17-January, 2006 St. Louis, MO
XMind Pollution and the Deprivation of Innocence: Questionable Books in All School LibrariesPornography/ EducationTimothy R. SmithLife in the Balance Video Productions http://www.libvp.com 2 copies
X700 Club Bible Literacy ProjectEducationCrouse
X*The Triumph of Design & the Demise of DarwinScienceWoody Cozad, features Phillip JohnsonRevised and updated. Jack Cashill, producer
X*The DaVinci Code Revealed: Know the TruthWorld ViewWatchman FellowshipWatchman Fellowship
XThe Lord of the Rings as a Defense of Western CultureWorld ViewJohn G. WestSeattle Pacific University
XThe Problem of Supremacist Judges- 23 TopicsJudiciaryPhyllis SchlaflyEagle Forum - 23 Topics
XThe Dangers of Universal Health ScreeningHealthKaren R. Effrem, M.D.45 minPower point presentation 2 copies
XBible in Schools & The Shadow Party - Soros EducationD. Barton/ D. HorowitzMixed program of TBN guests Barton, J. Hagee, etc. & midway through a 700 Club report on George Soros
XHow Now Shall We Live?World ViewC. Colson/ Nancy Pearcey58 min.Resource for Teen Eagles**
How Now Shall We Live? Student EditionWorld ViewC. Colson/ Nancy PearceyResource for Teen Eagles**
XThinking Like a ChristianWorld View62 minResource for Teen Eagles**
XIs Wal-Mart Good for America?EconomicsPBS Frontline Special60 min.A PBS Frontline Special
X*Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West - special ed.World ViewPeter Mier, Producer60 min.Pre-release Special Edition $18
X*The Battle for the Mind:Worldview Trivia Game Show about Essential TruthWorld ViewBrannon HowseWorldview Trivia Game Show about Essential Truth
X*One Nation Under God: Journey of Discovery to Find the TruthWorld ViewD. James Kennedy60 min.
XThe Bible and Its Influence - Teacher's Edition Pre-Release CDEducation
XXEminant (sic) DomainProperty Rights Don Casey
XOne Nation Under Man?/ Apologetics in the 21st CenturyWorld ViewBrannon Howse/ Dr. Ravi Zacharias
XCost of Illegal Immigrants/NAU Give Away of U.S. SovereigntySovereigntyLou Dobbs/ R. Rector/F. Gaffney10 min.
XIllegal Aliens & America's Medicine ImmigrationDr. Madeleine P. Cosman24 min.
X*Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to FascismGovernmentAaron Russo107 mins.
XAlabama Constitution & Ten CommandmentsConstitutionDr. John Eidsmoe, Eunie Smith30 min.TV-60 Gadsden
XPursuit of the North American Agenda SovereigntyPhyllis Schlafly35 min.
XNorth American UnionSovereigntyHenry Lamb, Environmental Conservation Org., Inc.22 min.
XPhyllis Schlafly Q & A Capitol Hill ClubPhyllis Schlafly48 min.Eagle Forum
XA More Perfect Union - America Becomes A NationU.S.History
XEnvironmentalismD. James Kennedy & E. Calvin Beisner20 min.
XImmigration InvasionImmigrationJohn F. McManus16 min.John Birch Society
XCelebrate Phyllis Birthday Gala, Sept. 18, 2004, 80th birthdayMusical birthday celebrationCherilyn Bacon and Jen Gulbrandsen
XAmerica: Freedom to FascismPolice State in AmericaAaron Russo107 min.All Your Freedoms Productions
XWar on MulticulturalismMulticulturalismRabbi Nachum ShifrenChristian Television Network, The Herman and Sharon Show 2-1-07
XFearfully and Wonderfully MadeHuman LifeDr. David Menton63 min.An anatomist looks at the incredible complexity of human life.
XThe Late, Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and CanadaU.S. SoverigntyDr. Jerome Corsi120 min.
XWhat About Arlington? Defending Veterans' Memorials ProjectVeteransLiberty Legal Institute/Alliance Defense Fund
XDivorce and Child CustodyDivorcePhyllis SchlaflyDistributed by Alabama Coalition for Fathers and Children, 6 copies, http://www.alcfc.com
XThe Phyllis Schlafly ReportRadio CommentariesPhyllis Schlafly22 3 min. programs
XThe Christian Life and Character oft the Civil Instutions of the United StatesU.S. HistoryB.F. MorrisAmerican Vision - Also a book in Library
XInternational EducationEducationAllen QuistDelivered to the Arizona Senate K-12 Education Committee, meeting begins at 4 minutes, 13 seconds
XThe Phyllis Schlafly Report: The Problem of Supremacist JudgesJudiciaryPhyllis Schlafly
XThe Phyllis Schlafly Report: Why Join a Judicial Reform Study Group?JudiciaryPhyllis Schlafly
XMr. President - Secure the Borders First!ImmigrationMr. Roger Hedgecock20:50McLean, Virginia, Council For National Policy
XEconomic FreedomEconomicsMark Mix, Chairman and others79:40:00McLean, Virginia, CNP Action
XDefense and Foreign PolicyU.S. PolicyHenry F. Cooper and Howard Phillips, Chairmen, and others79:39:00CNP Action, Inc. McLean, Virginia - April 22-23, 2005 CD # !
XDefense and Foreign PolicyU.S. PolicyHenry F. Cooper and Howard Phillips, Chairmen, and others25:20:00CNP Action Inc. McLean, Virginia - April 22 - 23, 2005 CD # 2
XThe Phyllis Schlafly Report: February 2000Phyllis Schlafly21 3:00 broadcastsEagle Forum
XStudent Data: Helpful or Harmful?
XNo-fault Divorce: Yes or No?FamilyJudith A. Brumbaugh/J. Shelby SharpePoint of View Radio Interview, Restoration of the Family, Inc.
XWhat it Means to Have a Christian WorldviewWorldviewDr. Jeff MyersPassing the Baton International, Inc.
XWarriors of Honor: The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall JacksonHistory80 mins
The Ultimate Target of the Gay Agenda: Same Sex Marriages, The ReportMarriageTy & Jeannette Beeson28 min.
XGlobal Warming: Emerging Science and UnderstandingEnvironmentalismMichael Coffman, Ph.D., Kristie Pelletier3 Lessons for the Classroom
XGlobal Warming or Global Governance?EnvironmentalismMichael Coffman, Ph.D. 1 hr. 21 min.Interviews with climate scientists and biologists that explain global warming is incorrect
XNumbers USA: for Lower Immigration LevelsImmigrationRoy Beck1 hr. 10 min.Explains the rapidly growing population and the urgency of stabilizing it
XThe Reagan Diaries - Extended SelectionsHistory/Reagan SpeechesEric Conger/Douglas Brinkley13 hoursPresident Reagan's diaries and excerpts from nine of his speeches
XIt Starts with Arithmetic, Poverty and Global Warming, Energy as the Fuel of the Free MarketJames Nickel, Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Chris HornerEducational Policy Conference 20 - St. Louis, MO (Constitutional Coalition)
XPolitically Incorrect Sex Education-The Time is Post Due, How Public Education Undermines MoralityDr. Miriam Grossman, Laurie HigginsEducational Policy Conference 20 - St. Louis, MO (Constitutional Coalition)
XDollars & $ense - A Presentation by John F. McManusEconomicsJohn F. McManus42 min.John Birch Society
XVol 1. and Vol 2. - American's Identitiy Re-Discovering and Re-establishing First PrinciplesVariousVariousEducational Policy Conference 20 - St. Louis, MO (Constitutional Coalition)
XDemographic WinterEconomics and ChildrenRick Stout, writer and director54 min.Experts discuss dangers facing society and world's economics, due to the declining birth rate.
XThe Call of the EntrepreneurCurrent EventsRev. Robert Sirico, Michael Novak, George Gilder1 hr. 33 min.Three men - entrepreneurs - How we view them - How that shapes the world.
X33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile AgeCurrent EventsThe Heritage Foundation57 min.America in the New Missle Age
X (2)Genesis of America (A Documentary)HistoryVariousby Blue Lantern Productions
XDarwin's Dilemma - The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil RecordScienceIllustra Media Presents72 min.Examines the Cambrian Fossil Record and leads one to intelligent design
XNot Evil, Just WrongGlobal WarmingAnn McElhinney and Phefim McAleerExposes the true cost of global warming hysteria - Greener Horizon Films, Ltd.
XBen Stein - Expelled: No Intelligence AllowedDr. Richard Land and Ben Stein
XThe Alabama Experience: Up From the Ashes: The Rebirth of Phenix CityGamblingU of AL - Center for Public Television and RadioCleanup of Phenix City, AL after earning reputation as, "the wickedest city in America" in the 1950s.
XWhat Makes America Work? Lessons Our Children and Others MUST Hear!Educational Polity Conf. 21VariousDVD setDVD Set February 4-6, 2010, St. Louis, MO - The Constitutional Coalition Educational Policy Conference 21
XAgenda: Grinding America DownDocumentary93min.Idaho legislator Chris Bowers seeks to expose the communist agenda in America
XThe Obama White House Radicals: UpdatedPoliticsCoral Ridge MinistriesExtreme-left ideology of several presidential appointees (Obama) to show the radical "change" Obama intends to bring to U.S.
XRadical Islam on the March: A Biblical Response to Modern Day JihadReligion and PoliticsCoral Ridge MinistriesUnveils the goal of Islamic extremists to impose global Muslim rule via sharia law
XSocialism: A Clar and Present Danger - A Biblical Response"PoliticsCoral Ridge MinistriesSocialism, in any form, is a failed and dangerous idea
XTyranny: The High Cost of Forgetting God - Key Lessons from Nazi GermanyPoliticsCoral Ridge MinistriesComparison of Nazi Germany and America today - striking God from government, cracking down on Church's influence and abortion
XJoy in Our Town: Common Core Standards - Smith and Miroff 2 segmentsEducationEunie Smith and Chasidy MiroffCommon Core Standards - 2 copies
XJBS Overview of AmericaAmerica John F. McManus32 min.What makes freedom and prosperity possible?
XThe Birth of FreedomFreedomAction Media1:33How is Freedom Born?
X10 Steps for FreedomGrassroots building9 min.10 steps for freedom
XThe Link: Principles of Freedom that Link God's Perfect Law with Man's Best LawPrinciples of FreedomNational Center for Constitutional Studies
XThe Problem with Same-Sex Marriage - How It Will Affect You and Your ChildrenMarriageTony Perkins - Family Research Council30 min.Heartbreaking detail of what happens when marriage is redifined
XDoing The Impossible - Defeating the ERAWomen's RightsPhyllis SchlaflyDefeating the ERA
XAmerica At Risk - The War With No NameTerrorismNewt and Callista Gingrich82 min.The dangers facing America after 9/11
XMaafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America 2nd EditionLife Dynamics Incorporated140 min.What America's politicians and power-brokers never intended you to know
The Rules Have Changed: The Teen STD EpidemicSTDsThe Constitutional Coalition21 min.Medical facts necessary to enable and equip teens to make the right and safe choices in life.
XEagle Council XLVariousVariousSet of 9 DVDs
XThe Republic - mThe Constitutional CoalitionVariousVariousSet of 14 DVDs
XI Want Your Money - Director's Cut 2012 EditionFiscalDoug Stebleton & Heather Ganziano93 min.A look at our nation's deeply depressed economy
XThe Genesis Code Bible/Faithe one entertainment138 min.A college student's struggle over modern science vs. the Genesis story
XIndoctriNation: Public schools and the decline of Christianity in AmericaAmerican EducationJoaquin Fernandex and the Gunn Brothers102 min.Interviews with whistleblower teachers, admins, students, parents…this film is part documentary, part testimonial….
XPlaces on the Map: Understanding Current Events
XEPC Education Issues: Podgursky, Pospahla, Jensen, Vanden Bosch
XChristian Statesmen: John Ashcroft, Dr. Wright, J. Roy Moore
XCspan Debate: Puerto Rican Statehood
XFocus on the Family Hot Topics: Physician Assisted Suicide
XMindgames in the Classroom
XMedical Care Savings Account
XPreview of Obsession
XThe Phyllis Schlafly Report21 3 min. broadcasts