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Alabama State House

Weekly Legislative Updates

The 2023 AL Legislative Session has begun.  Most recent updates at the top.   CLICK links below to read full updates.   Week 12 (June 6-Final Day-See EF bill spreadsheet)

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The Amendments Explained

Click here to read what the amendments mean.    Click here to watch the Director of Legislative Services Agency discuss the recompilation of AL Constitution of 2022 and Amendment 10.

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Your financial partnership has enabled EF to grow and increase impact!

– Helped pass legislation to ban COVID vaccine passports, protect women’s sports, protect babies born alive during a botched abortion and stop the passage of full-scale gambling.
– Consulted with the Alabama Attorney General to ensure students, parents and employees know their rights in regards to vaccine and mask mandates.
– Co-hosted a standing room only COVID Truths Doctors’ Forum.
– Drafted a State School Board resolution to ban Critical Race Theory in Alabama public schools.
– Invited by Alabama’s Secretary of State to participate in a 15-member task force to write legislation to stop voter fraud.
– Co-hosted the first-ever national Student Eagle Conference in Nashville.
– Started an initiative to build small groups across Alabama.
– In 2021 Alabama EF was mentioned by name in national and international news outlets like: Fox News, CNN, One News Now, Washington Post, NPR, NBC News, Associated Press, CNS News, Federalist News Network, American Family Radio, The Hill, New American Journal, The Guardian, and The Independent UK.