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Two Different Views on the Cromnibus Bill

Congressional Republicans who voted for the Cromnibus bill are experiencing a great deal of backlash.  Following are two articles on each side of the issue.  One is an op-ed from Rep. Martha Roby  (AL-2) published in Yellowhammer.  The other is from Gaston Mooney, Executive Editor of Conservative Review.            

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Baptist Resolution on Concerns related to Illegal Immigration

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“Sessions Denounces Senate Dems for Colluding with WH to Implement Exec Amnesty Post-Election

Senator Sessions released the following on Friday, September 5th after a Politico report on the President’s plans to delay action on executive amnesty until after the midterm elections.   NEWS RELEASES SEP 05 2014 WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement […]

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Obama Requests $3.7 Billion in Emergency Funding

July 8, 2014 Following criticism from the amnesty crowd, President Obama has retreated on sending unaccompanied illegal children back to their home country. However, the President is making a $3.8 billion emergency supplemental request to Congress to help manage the problem instead of working to stop it. The emergency funding would go to several federal […]

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Sen. Jeff Session’s Powerful Speech on the Invasion of Our Southern Border

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), has become the leading voice in the Senate for protecting American workers from having their quality of life destroyed by competition from low wage illegal workers and upholding the rule of law and American sovereignty against Obama’s decision to ignore his constitutional duty to enforce our immigration and border security […]

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DC March For Jobs, No To Amnesty Rally

  July 15th There will be a Bus leaving Alabama for Washington DC for this Anti-Amnesty Rally. DC March for Jobs Will you be there? YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM.  See below….. DC March for Jobs, No to Amnesty Rally

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SC Upholds Key Provision of AL Law

Today, the US Supreme Court upheld a key provision in Alabama’s immigration law–the provision allowing police to check the immigration status of persons whom they detain before releasing them.  It also allows the police to stop and detain anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant.  The SCOTUS blog has a great summary for more information on […]

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Video: Congressman Mo Brooks addresses U.S. House regarding Obama’s Partial Amnesty Program

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HB 56 Myths v. Fact

The Federation of Americans For Immigration Reform (FAIR) has put together the following fact sheet on Alabama’s new immigration law.  As you can see, much of what the main stream media says about it has little basis in fact.  Before we start to discuss what changes, if any, should be made, it is important to […]

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A New Year, New Session, New Opportunities

Today marks the beginning of the 2012 session of the Alabama Legislature. A new session means opportunities and for Alabama, the opportunities are abundant.  Legislators will have the opportunity to pass meaningful education reform in the form of charter schools.  Basic principles of any market tell us that more competition leads to a higher quality […]

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