We believe the children of Alabama deserve an excellent education.  Unfortunately, in many cases, their education is deficient.  Reform is necessary to improve the quality of education in Alabama.   Increasing parental choice in where and how to educate their children is one key element.  Charter Schools have shown an enormous amount of success in other states, and we are hopeful that a charter school law will soon be passed in Alabama.  We are currently one of only 11 states that does not have a charter school law.  We have also consistently supported the rights of parents to homeschool.

We also support state and local control over education.  The movement towards a common core curriculum is effectively turning over control of what is taught in our classrooms to a national entity and ultimately to the federal government.  This will make it more difficult for parents or teachers who have problems or issues to address them.   The State Board of Education currently has a process for writing Courses of Study, which provides for input from parents, teachers and others across the state.  The Fordham Institute has ranked Alabama’s standards equal to or better than the proposed Common Core in each subject.

Eagle Forum of Alabama also endeavors to participate in the State Textbook Selection Committee process because we believe that sound information and historically accurate content is vital to a good education.


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