The Amendments Explained

Click here to read what the amendments mean.    Click here to watch the Director of Legislative Services Agency discuss the recompilation of AL Constitution of 2022 and Amendment 10.

Judge Grants Our Motion to Quash DOJ Subpoena!

“The Court therefore grants the nonparties motions and quashes the Governments nonpartisan subpoenas…” Thank you for your prayers and support! We thank the Lord that the judge ruled impartially and

DOJ Issues Subpoena to Eagle Forum of AL

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Eagle Forum of Alabama Files Motion In Federal Court To Quash Unprecedented U.S. Department of Justice Subpoena. The DOJ Subpoena Demands All Information Related To Eagle

Watch Our Sec of State & Auditor Forums!

Before you vote watch our Secretary of State & Auditor forums! On June 13th, Eagle Forum of Alabama, 1819 News, and Scott Beason Radio teamed-up to bring citizens a forum