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Urgent Action Needed Now to Stop SB280: More than Half of Alabama Counties will Lose the Right to Free Elections for Superintendents of Education

SB280 sponsored by Senator Brewbaker seeks to eliminate local control of County Superintendent of Education elections in more than half the state. The map shows each county in blue that currently elects their Superintendent of Education, but if SB280 is passed each of these counties will be forced to appoint. SB280 is expected to come up for a vote before Thursday in the House. This legislation will have two horrible impacts on local education. First SB280 will force over fifty percent of the Alabama counties to stop holding free elections.

Counties that hold elections for County Superintendent of Education will be forced to have the local board of education hand pick the County Superintendent. SB280 removes current rights from local education leaders and parents who live in the county. That means these Alabama Counties with Elected School Board Superintendents will be forced to stop conducting elections all together for County Superintendent: Autauga, Bibb, Blount, Chambers, Cherokee, Chilton, Choctaw, Clarke, Clay, Cleburne, Colbert, Conecuh, Coosa, DeKalb, Dale, Elmore, Fayette, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Jackson, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Morgan, Pickens, Randolph, Shelby, St. Clair, Tallapoosa, Walker, Washington, and Winston.

The second, critical impact of the SB280 is that it also removes local education rights from other counties in Alabama. Counties which currently have an appointed County Superintendent will not be able to hold elections. SB280 is modeled after legislation being pushed by special interests in other states to centralize education and reduce local control. SB280 centralizes power in the hands of a few and harms our communities.

All legislators should oppose SB280 since it completely removes your right to hold a local election for County Superintendent of Education, and SB280 prevents other districts from holding elections in the future. Contact your State Representative today. To find contact information for your Rep. go here ! Calls are needed now from individuals in each county! All will lose control of local election process in their county.

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Crisis In American Democracy

Dear Eagle Friends,

It is entirely appropriate that the short “Crisis in American Democracy” commentary below by Dr. Albert Mohler has come out today on the National Day of Prayer.

Please join in prayer for our nation:
“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  II Chron. 7:14

Please see the following Scripture suggested by TN Eagle President Bobbie Patray:
Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return;
    renew our days as of old
unless you have utterly rejected us
    and are angry with us beyond measure.
Lamentations 5:21-22 and Daniel 9:4-19

Please go to this prayer guide today and every day.

Eunie Smith

Crisis in American Democracy
In this essay, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. reflects on the on the current political scene in America and its implications for Christian faithfulness. Mohler writes:

“Political turmoil now marks the United Kingdom and also nations like France and other key American allies. Perhaps democracy itself is now facing a crucial hour of decision and a crucial season of testing. It is no exaggeration to say that democracy is being tested around the world; it is certainly being tested here at home. Yet if this is a moment of testing for democracy, it is also a crucial moment for Christian witness. This election cycle is going to be a particular test for American Christians-and we are about to find out if Christians are up to this challenge.”

To read the entire column. 


Questionnaires/Sample Ballots for 6/3 election

Candidate Questionnaires and Sample Ballots
for Your Review

Recently, Eagle Forum of Alabama sent questionnaires to candidates for the following offices:

U.S. Congress District 6
Lieutenant Governor
Public Service Commission
Secretary of State
State Auditor
State House
State Senate
State Treasurer
State Board of Education

Those questionnaires that were completed and returned are now available for review on our website under the Resources tab.  We hope these responses will be beneficial in helping you make informed choices in the upcoming primary elections on June 3rd.

See Sample Ballots by County.

Candidate Questionnaires Ready for Review

Candidate Questionnaires Ready for Review

Recently, Eagle Forum of Alabama sent questionnaires to candidates for the following offices:

U.S. Congress District 6
Lieutenant Governor
Public Service Commission
Secretary of State
State Auditor
State House
State Senate
State Treasurer
State Board of Education

Those questionnaires that were completed and returned are now available for review on our website under the Resources tab.  We hope these responses will be beneficial in helping you make informed choices in the upcoming primary elections on June 3rd.


Choosing A Presidential Candidate

Although Eagle Forum of Alabama does not endorse candidates, we have put together a list of resources where you can go to find out about all of the presidential candidates and their records.  We encourage everyone to read up on the candidates, what they say now and what they have done in the past.  A well-informed electorate is the foundation of our republic.

Election 2012

Club For Growth–The CFG Presidential White Papers explore each candidate’s stance on pro-growth economic issues and their history of supporting pro-growth economic policies.

Cato Institute–The Cato Institute has put together a guide to the presidential candidates’ proposals on spending.

FRCAction–The Family Research Council’s action arm has put together a chart showing where the candidates stand on a variety of issues.

Post Libertarian–Slightly different in that this is a blog that contains the author’s take on all the candidates, but there are some good insights and relevant information you might not get on the sites above.

Washington Post–The WaPo has a 2012 Election Center that compiles the latest news, biographies on each of the candidates, and tools for evaluating the candidates.

This list is not comprehensive.  If you come across a helpful resource that is not listed, email us at [email protected]

National Popular Vote Is A Bad Idea

Check out Phyllis’ latest column explaining why national popular vote is a bad idea.

National Popular Vote Is A Bad Idea

by Phyllis Schlafly

Moving quietly under cover of presidential debates and the enormous publicity given to the race for the Republican nomination is a plan to change how U.S. Presidents are elected. It would bypass the procedure spelled out in the U.S. Constitution which has been used successfully for over two centuries.

The Constitution prescribes how we elect our Presidents. It is a mirror image of the Great Compromise designed by the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which brought together the large and small states by means of a national Congress, with the House based on population and the Senate based on state sovereignty.

Likewise, when the presidential electors meet in gatherings known as the Electoral College, each state’s vote is equal to the sum of its House and Senate representation in Congress. Our Founding Fathers understood that America is a nation of both “we the people” and a federal system of states, so it allows all states, regardless of size, to be players in electing our President.

NPV is an attempt to achieve the longtime liberal goal of getting rid of the Electoral College. Instead of proposing an amendment that would first need to be passed by Congress and then ratified by three-fourths of the states (38), NPV is a scheme to deviously bypass the grand design of our U.S. Constitution.

NPV lobbyists are trying to get state legislatures to enact identical bills requiring their own state’s presidential electors to ignore the winner of their own state’s presidential election, and instead cast all their state’s votes for the candidate whom the politicians estimate received the most popular votes nationwide. That candidate would not need a majority or any certain threshold–just more votes than any other candidate (i.e.-a plurality)

The NPV campaign lets people believe that NPV will elect Presidents who win the majority of popular votes, but that is false. Because of third parties, we’ve had many elections (including three of the last five) when no presidential candidate received a popular-vote majority. Abraham Lincoln won with less than 40% of the popular vote and only our Electoral College system elected him President.

If the NPV lobbyists can get enough states whose votes in the Electoral College total at least 270, they will be able to steal votes away from some candidates, transfer those votes to another candidate, and thereby construct a fake majority in the Electoral College. Eight states and the District of Columbia (with 132 electoral votes; half of the 270 needed) have already joined this NPV “compact” to “activate” NPV: Vermont 3, Maryland 10, Washington 12, Illinois 20, New Jersey 14, District of Columbia 3, Massachusetts 11, California 55, and Hawaii 4.

The NPV slogan “Every Vote Equal” is dishonest because the NPV proposal is based on legalizing vote-stealing. For example, Texas or Louisiana could be forced to cast its votes for a candidate who won more votes in other states, such as New York.

If NPV had been in effect in the year 2000, Al Gore would have become President instead of George W. Bush because Gore received more votes than Bush. It’s a mystery how any Republican could support NPV, and it’s no surprise that the Republican National Committee voted unanimously to oppose NPV because members saw it as unconstitutional and unworkable.

Remember our national trauma as we suffered through recounts in Florida where the margin between Bush and Gore was only about 500 votes? If the election is based on the national popular vote and it’s close, NPV would induce recounts in many or most of the 50 states.

Mexico uses a national popular vote system, and it’s a good illustration of why we don’t want it here. In Mexico’s last presidential election, the candidate with the “most votes” received 35.89 percent while his closest rival got 35.31 percent, a margin of just one-half of one percent. In the months that followed, Mexico was on the verge of civil war as the runner-up held mass rallies attracting millions of his angry supporters.

People who pretend that the Electoral College system is undemocratic are not only ignorant of the history and purposes of the U.S. Constitution, but they probably don’t even understand baseball. Basing the election on a plurality of the popular vote while ignoring the states would be like the New York Yankees claiming they won the 1960 World Series because they outscored the Pirates in runs 55-27 and in hits 91-60. Yet, the Pirates fairly won that World Series, 4 games to 3, and no one challenges their victory.

You Can Attempt Meaningful Reform And Live To Tell About It

Excellent piece from the Wall Street Journal about the recall elections in Wisconsin. Conservative Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislators were under harsh attack from unions and left-wing organizations across the country and still managed to win with the voters of Wisconsin.

They called it Armageddon. They promised political revenge, and they said it would be the beginning of the end of the GOP ascendancy of 2010. Unions across the country threw everything they had to defeat Wisconsin state senators who voted for collective bargaining reforms for government workers, and on Tuesday the unions lost.

Maybe we’re not Greece yet.

In the six months since Governor Scott Walker introduced his reforms, Big Labor and Democrats have tried to make the Badger State a national demonstration that some political lines can’t be crossed. Union power, once granted, is sacrosanct. Even President Obama denounced Mr. Walker. The legislative brawl consumed Madison in European-style protests and turned a judicial election into a national spectacle before the law was upheld by the state supreme court.

On Tuesday, voters delivered another verdict, favoring Republicans in four of six state senate recall elections and keeping the GOP in the majority. The two losses came in races where the GOP incumbent was troubled for other reasons. Dan Kapanke lost in Democratic-leaning La Crosse, while Randy Hopper lost after he left his wife to take up with a barely-legal Republican aide.

The unions can’t say they didn’t go all-in. Spending in the recalls totalled around $28 million, only a few million less than total spending in the state’s 2010 gubernatorial election, and Democrats are widely estimated to have outspent Republicans two to one. For the bucketloads of cash, the political impact is negligible. Two Democrats face recalls next week and if they were to lose, the net senate recall effect would be zero.

The Week Ahead

Committee Activity:


SB34–Amends the Alabama Code to provide child includes children in utero.  A positive drug test at time of birth shall create the presumption of exposure in utero.

SB167–Prohibiting lawsuits against restaurants for obesity

SB 301–Defines “person” to include all humans from the moment of fertilization

SB308–Right to Know and See legislation requiring ultrasounds before abortions

SB202–Federal Abortion Opt Out Act prohibits insurance plans that cover abortion from participating in the state insurance exchange mandated by the Obamacare legislation.


HB425–Moving state presidential preference primary to first Tuesday in March along with the general primary in presidential years.

HB324–moving property tax reappraisal on Class II and Class III property to every four years.

HB123–Education Budget

HB365–Informing consumers of duty to pay state and local sales tax on goods purchased over the internet.

Lots of activity on the House and Senate floor as well.  The General Fund budget is scheduled to pass this week probably Thursday.  I hear the House may take up Rep. Hammon’s immigration legislation (HB56).  It’s the eighth bill on the House Regular Calendar, so there’s a good chance they will take it up.

Highlights from this week’s Regular Calendar:


SB84–Limiting liability for property owners who lease for purposes of hunting or fishing.

SB140–Forever Wild reauthorization

SB127–Limiting terms in the Alabama House and/or Senate to 3 terms.

SB112–Removes racist language and references from the Alabama Constitution

SB17–Easing the ballot access requirements

SB50–Tax credits for creating jobs

SB152–Grants small businesses (less than 10 employees) that locate or expand in Alabama a 5-year property tax exemption.


HB32–Moving the presidential preference primary to June beginning in 2012

HB56–Immigration reform legislation

National Eagle Forum PAC Endorses Alabama Candidates

Dear Alabama Eagles:

The 2010 election is the most important election of our time.  We must stop Barack Obama from (as he said) “fundamentally transforming” America by spending us into bankruptcy.  The only way to call a halt and Take Back America is to elect a new Congress in November.  In Alabama, you have the opportunity to vote for conservatives at the state, local and federal level.

That is why I’m writing to you.  I want to draw your attention to the candidates who have sought and received Eagle Forum PAC’s endorsement.  We endorse candidates on the basis of extensive personal interviews, legislative records and answers to our rigorous 75-question survey which covers taxes and government spending, national security foreign policy and American sovereignty, border security and immigration, life, marriage, family, the Constitution and privacy.

Betty Peters

Alabama State Board of Education, District 2

Betty Peters has been a longtime friend to Eagle Forum.  She has fought to protect our children from liberal influences in the public schools and to protect parental rights.  The liberal teachers’ unions have heavily funded Betty’s opponent, because Betty has been so effective at opposing their radical liberal agenda.  We need Betty now more than ever to defend Alabama schools from federal government intrusion through federal education standards called common core standards, one

of President Obama’s main education goals.  The Alabama State Board of Education is comprised of 8 members elected from single-member districts.  Betty Peters represents District 2, the Counties of Barbour, Chambers, Clay, Coffee, Covington, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Lee, Randolph, Russell, Tallapoosa and a portion of Talladega.  If you live in one of those counties, please be sure to vote for Betty Peters for Alabama State Board of Education, District 2.

Martha Roby

U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District

If you live in the 2nd Congressional district, you have the opportunity to elect Martha Roby as your U.S Representative.  Martha is pro-life, and has demonstrated her commitment to building the culture of life by working with Sav-A-Life Montgomery, a Christian pro-life ministry.  In her two terms on the Montgomery City Council, Martha has shown her dedication to lowering taxes and reducing government spending.  Now, Martha wants to fight to protect conservative values in Washington.  Her opponent is doing his best to look conservative, but his mere presence in the House of Representatives strengthens the radical liberals.  We’ve seen what the liberals have done to this nation, and we can’t afford to give them any more ground.  Please vote for Martha Roby for U.S. Representative.

Mo Brooks

U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District

If you live in the 5th Congressional district, you have the opportunity to elect a longtime Alabama Eagle Forum friend Mo Brooks as your new Representative to Congress.  Mo is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage.  He served four terms in the Alabama House of Representatives, where the Alabama Taxpayers’ Defense Fund ranked him first out of one hundred forty legislators for fighting against tax increases and big government. In Washington, Brooks will work to reduce America’s deficit and promote the free enterprise system.

Thank you for all you will do between now and November 2nd.  It is so important.


Phyllis Schlafly

P.S.  The election on Tuesday, November 2nd could be very close in Alabama.  Please vote for Betty Peters for Alabama State Board of Education, District 2 and if you live in the 2nd or 5th Congressional District vote for Martha Roby  or Mo Brooks for U.S. Representative—and also, please ask ten of your friends and family members to vote for him too.  Every vote counts!  In Michigan this year, one of our good candidates won by only 15 votes out of 70,996 votes cast! You can find candidate questionnaires from other state and federal candidates HERE.