Side-by-Side Comparisons: 2019 “New” AL Math Standards vs Common Core State Standards

We have prepared several side-by-side comparisons of the “new” proposed 2019 AL Math Standards (K-8) vs Common Core.  Use the links below.

We used highlighting Keys are located either at the top or bottom of each document.   It’s easy to see that the “new” standards aren’t new at all.  They are the same old failed Common Core standards that hurled Alabama to dead last in the United States’ math rankings. 

K-5 Side-by-Side with highlighting

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Side-by-side with highlighting

2nd Grade Side-by-side with highlighting-By: J.R. Wilson:

3rd grade Side-by-side with highlighting:

4th grade Side-by-side with highlighting-By Danny Hubbard:

5th Grade Side-By-Side with Highlighting

K-5 Side-by-side NO Highlighting  by J.R. Wilson:

The vote is planned for Dec. 12th 2019.  Contact your Alabama State School Board member today and ask them to vote “NO” on the proposed 2019 AL Math Standards.  Ask them to adopt proven non Common Core, classic Math Standards to enable all students to succeed.