EF Discusses CRT Resolution on RIGHTSIDE RADIO

Listen Today @ 4:05PM RIGHTSIDE RADIO
EF’s General Counsel Will Discuss Resolution To Ban CRT Concepts. The Vote Is Tomorrow!

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If you are in North Alabama you can listen on AM 770 or FM 92.5.

At the July State School Board meeting, some members were boldly committed to addressing concerns with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the K-12 classroom. The Board was subsequently charged with developing a resolution to meet this growing statewide matter.

There are desperate parents all over this state who are looking to this board for a solution. They are seeking relief from the tenets of CRT that are already practiced in Alabama K-12 schoolrooms throughout the state. At the same time, there are teachers who say they are going to continue to teach CRT no matter the board’s instructions. The entire state needs clear united guidance from the State School Board. The board is considering a “non-discrimination” resolution which addresses the tenets of CRT. CLICK HERE: See the proposed resolution and the changes Eagle Forum has offered to clarify and strengthen it.