EF Asks AL Gov and AG “Stop Vax Mandates Now”

EF Asks AL Gov and AG “Stop Vax Mandates Now”


For Immediate Release Aug 26, 2021

Eagle Forum is Asking for Immediate Action From AL Governor And Attorney General to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Alabama

This year, Gov Ivey signed SB267 into law. It protects Alabamians from having to prove vaccine status by state entities. Nor may Alabama citizens be denied goods or services based on immunization status. None the less, vaccine mandates are coming at Alabama health care workers as well as at private industry employees such as Tyson Chicken, AT&T, Delta Airlines, and others that could stifle people’s ability to provide for their families.

We believe that vaccine mandates are at the foundation un-Constitutional, and in violation of SB267, as well as our Alabama Constitution and certainly the spirit of our Health Care Workers Right of Conscience Act.

Alabama is not a gestapo state, nor is it a state wanting to usher in devastation of families or overwhelming unemployment – especially in the essential health care industry. We are the Bible belt, and we guard our faith and our families. Many Alabamians have consciously decided not to take the vaccine, as evidenced by our low vaccination rate. But if these mandates remain, many will lose their jobs. We should not have to choose between employment and violating our religious consciences, or sacrificing our physical health, or our unborn children’s health to possible vaccine side effects.

Consistent with the individual liberty granted by our Creator we are calling on Gov. Ivey to issue an executive order staying all of these mandates across Alabama from public and private entities.

We are also asking Attorney General Steve Marshall to take action to address the illegalities of state entities in violation of SB267 so they will ultimately stand down.

We could list many compelling arguments and statistics about vaccine ineffectiveness in preventing the Delta strain(1), vaccine harm(2 , natural immunity(3), medical contraindications or the fact that the media has misled people to believe the FDA approved the available Pfizer vaccine which they clearly didn’t.(4) (mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone explains FDA action here.) Yet, none of those arguments matters more than this; we as free human beings should never have something forced into our veins against our will.

These mandates have to be stopped, quickly and urgently.

Please call Governor Ivey 334 242-7100 and Attorney General Steve Marshall 334-242-7300 Ask them to stop Vax Mandates!



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