Sen Tuberville, “Don’t Draft Our Daughters”

Sen Tuberville, “Don’t Draft Our Daughters”

September 25, 2021

The Honorable Tommy Tuberville

Dirksen Senate Office Building B-40A

Washington, DC 20510



Re: Draft Our Daughters Mandate



Dear Senator Tuberville,



On behalf of our membership, I am writing to express our disappointment in your recent committee vote to conscript women into military service.  It is truly disturbing that an issue of such great consequence to our citizenry would be promoted by Congress without hearings or public debate.  While Eagle Forum has always advocated for peace through strength, we have since 1975 debated all aspects of the proper role of women in the military without compromising that strength by drafting women – especially in equal numbers with men.



Two important points that should not be overlooked are:



  1. If the United States needed to more than double our military to 5 million, that would only require an additional 1.4% of the male population. 
  2. Women get pregnant. Following the Gulf War and a large-scale deployment of servicewomen, some units reported pregnancy rates as high as 30%.  This would be devastating to the United States during wartime.  Imagine the logistical problems.

As we understand it, the Houlahan Amendment attached to the National Defense Act of 2022 has no safeguards to keep women from being forced into combatNot all conscripted women will be able to physically or mentally deal with the harshest aspects of war. The role women play in wartime will be subject to the whims of politicians; some of whom promote political correctness at all costs even to the detriment of military readiness.  We’ve already witnessed our highest ranking military leader promoting “wokeness” over a cohesive, well trained fighting force.  Common sense demands that “military readiness” trumps all other considerations.



There are women who choose to serve in our military and do so gladly; some even elect to serve in combat. We respect their service.  However, we must not force generations of women to leave their families and children.  Women that choose to keep the home fires burning and care for their children must be allowed to do so.   Please do not underestimate the importance of a stable home to the long term health of our nation.



We stand with Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation, Concerned Women for America,  Center for Military Readiness, American Principles Project, Family Policy Alliance, Conservative Leaders PAC and a host of other organizations that believe drafting our daughters is detrimental not only to women, but to the military readiness of our nation.  We ask that you prayerfully reconsider the position you have taken.    We look forward to your response.





Eunie Smith, President