Anti-Gambling Coalition Calls On Gov Ivey

Anti-Gambling Coalition Calls On Gov Ivey

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For Immediate Release May 11, 2022


Anti-Gambling Coalition Urges Governor To Reject The Addition of

Gambling Legislation to any 2022 Special Sessions.


This year, the Alabama legislature considered but did not pass bills aimed at expanding gambling in the state. On April 11th, Gov. Ivey told reporters that her greatest regret regarding the 2022 Alabama Regular Session was that gambling legislation did not pass.


“I was disappointed that they did not get the gambling bill passed,” Ivey said. “Not that I am so much for gambling, but I do think the people of Alabama ought to have the right to make that decision. I wish that had passed the legislature so that people could vote it up or down in November.” That statement is a clear indicator that Ivey might be inclined to add consideration of gambling legislation into a previously planned 2022 summer special session.


It has been reported that $1.5M “dark money” has recently been contributed to Governor Ivey’s re-campaign for governor.  It has been rumored that at least half of that money was donated by pro-gambling organizations. Additionally, PCI (Poarch Creek Indians) never stopped advocating or advertising for gambling expansion, even though the regular legislative session ended April 8th. Governor Ivey may be getting pressure from political donors, from PCI, and the illegal gambling cartel to include gambling in the upcoming special session due to the fact that, as an Alabama Constitutional Amendment, the legislation would require passage and adjournment by August 24th to be included on the November 8th ballot.


The Alabama Legislature and Alabama voters have repeatedly rejected gambling at the ballot box by voting against expansion and by electing representatives committed to honoring the rule of law and our state Constitution.  Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Glenn Murdock stated, “Our founders understood how destructive gambling is for families and communities and included a blanket prohibition against it in Alabama’s constitution. As a legal and practical matter, if that clause is removed from our constitution to allow a lottery, it will open the door to all forms of Las Vegas style gambling throughout Alabama.”



We call on Governor Ivey to resist pressure from big money donors and gambling operators who are currently breaking state law.  Further, we call on Governor Ivey to enforce the gambling laws enshrined in our state constitution which prohibits state sponsored games of chance. It is a shame that the dereliction of her duty to enforce the law isn’t one of her greatest regrets as it has been one of her greatest failures as Governor.


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