U.S. Rep. Aderholt: DOJ’s Eagle Forum of Alabama subpoena ‘a blatant attempt to intimidate citizens’

1819News: Thursday, U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) reacted to a Department of Justice subpoena seeking “all information related to the non-profit’s legislative activities promoting the Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion And Protection Act (VCAP) since 2017.”

VCAP (SB184) was passed by the state’s legislature and signed by Gov. Kay Ivey earlier this year. It protects minors from gender-altering medical procedures and drugs.

Eagle Forum called the Justice Department’s actions “unprecedented” and “harassment” in a statement on Wednesday.

Aderholt said he too was “deeply concerned” and urged the federal court to quash the subpoena.

“I am deeply concerned with the news that President Biden’s Department of Justice has subpoenaed Eagle Forum of Alabama, a non-profit organization, to turn over its communications related to the development of legislative text.,” Aderholt said in a statement. “As Americans, we are protected by the First Amendment with the right to petition the government. This action by the U.S. Government is a blatant attempt to intimidate citizens from participating in the legislative process, and I believe the court should accordingly quash the subpoena.”

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